Official Announcement Going Rouge

Company NCSOFT Officially announced the second addition to the popular MMO game City of Heroes entitled Going Rouge (We remind you that was the first City of Villains, launched in the fall of 2005), developed Paragon Studios. We are waiting for a meeting with both heroes and villains, which will fall into the parallel world of Praetoria, controlled by Tyran, the evil incarnation of Statesman’a. In notgraded enemies to jointly deal with this problem and to doubt whether there is a concept of absolute evil and absolute good. The theme of the game will not be “white” or “black”, but numerous shades.

The game will have a new moral selection system, the villains will go to the teams to the heroes and on the contrary. So, the bright will be able to change their worldview and settle in Rogue Isles, and dark, on the contrary, feel all the charms Paragon City. New missions will appear (in the center of attention of the majority – the choice) and, of course, will not cost without new characters – Maelstrom (the former hero who switched to the side of evil) and Desdemona (a demon who revised their position and decided to become good). And as enemies will perform numerous colleagues of Tirana, his security and other inhabitants of the parallel world Praetoria.

“City of Heroes made a small revolution in MMO games. Going Rouge must consolidate the success of the project and bring a lot of new items to it. Over the years, players could choose who they play for the villain or for heroes. Now it’s time to understand that there is no absolute evil and absolute good. Bright can become dark and vice versa. It all depends on your actions. “, – declared Brian Clayton BRIAN CLAYTON) Paragon Studios. More detailed information about the complement will appear over the coming months. When should expect appearance Going Rogue, not yet known.

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