Ghosts will continue

Ghosts will continue
Atari And Sony Taki plan to release or Sikvel, or addon for last year’s Ghostbusters: The Videoogame. The decision was made to companies relatively easily, for a million sold copies of the original brought them to the idea that those who wanted to hunt on virtual ghosts.

The game was called Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, And the development entrusted the Chilean Studio Wanako (Arcade Assault Heroes And Assault Heroes 2 for xbla). To minimize costs, to distribute it exclusively through the Internet.

Main hero Sanctum of Slime will be a beginner hired by veterans of the first part. Online, the number of main characters will grow to four, and they will be a glorious cooperative on steep bosses, proving that their coolness is very exaggerated. Go game should be in spring.

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