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On the one hand, tell about Okami as if not necessary. The game is published already in the fourth time, regularly collects estimates in the area of 90 points out of 100, all who needs, have long been aware and passed ten times. On the other hand, Okami – the incredible power of the work of art, it turns out on different platforms for almost twelve years under the cans flying in the air, and in sales it acts as admonish doping skier – the three previous releases did not share one and a half million copies. And now I will try this abyss at least illuminate the flashlight.OKAMI HD Game ReviewDrawing technique, which is stylized picture, is called Sumi-E, this is a Japanese painting in a carin of China.

Old fairy tale with new hieroglyphs

As a name Goosh Rubchinsky raises the price of a couple of hundred dollars a couple of hundred dollars and the identity of the main person from among the ever presented the world this adventure causes a sacred trepid. Especially now. Although Hideki Kamia (Hideki Kamiya) was a star and a decade ago – after manual development Resident Evil 2 And Devil May Cry. It’s funny that in the first frame of reprint there is no sacramental story: Hideki Kamiya. Disabled Clover per year of exit Okami, Publishing house Capcom Since then, for some reason, the role of a stunning team and its leader.

BUT Kamiya Meanwhile, wrote a very strong story as a screenwriter and as the director collected no less holistic game. At the basic level is a fairy tale. The magic story about how in an ancient country of Nippon came the eight-headed demon-dragon Orochi and turned almost all the land in a terrible dark zone with demons and poisonous evaporation. And the goddess of the sun Amateras, embodied in the appearance of the Whita Wolf, gathered the forces of all the gods and drove evil.

But to look a little deeper – and the fairy tale begins to raise themes, of which good wellms should extract many lessons. Here is a descendant of the Great Warrior, Susano, a Harbor Sake Amateur. In fact, he is a pitiful coward, constantly runs off the battlefield, and even the sword he has a wooden. But different plot branches directly and indirectly tell us that it is impossible to run away from difficulties, – and Susano will change.OKAMI HD Game ReviewUnfortunately, there is no Russian language, and without good knowledge of English to understand the game of meanings in the dialogues will not work.
Or here is the heroine-wolf. For the inhabitants of Nippon, it looks like a conventional white wolf, and only a pure heart and little children see the divine halo around the goddess. Amathasa satellite, artist Issun, sad states that people stopped believing in higher strength. After that, we are accepted to help residents of the surrounding village – and they are surprised how this is something good.

But Okami Not always serious. Comic Isson constantly falls into ridiculous situations and discharges atmosphere with excellent replicas. The goddess of Sakua carries too tight kimono, and the elder of the village of Kamika performs sacred rituals only after communication with a bottle. Will be in the plot and mysterious heroes such as Samurai Vaki, speaking with French accent, and funny stories, and small tragedies. Perhaps the only minus in the narrative part – the sounding of the characters: instead of words, they monotonously tagged that during long monologues begins to act on the nerves.

Sumi-Yo my

But the picture is cool soothing. Stylization under the Japanese drawing of ink and made fame to the game, but it is in the HD version that it looks best – more colorful, brighter, juicy, or what. Version for PlayStation 4 Pro even supports 4K resolution, and believe me, Okami deserves such a number of points on the screen. This is just the situation when you need to see once, as a colorful flowers blooms, how nature is transformed, as the nature is transformed, as for leisurely music, we feed nicely animals.OKAMI HD Game ReviewEven without moving pictures, it turns out beautiful.
Sumi-E is not just an artistic reception. This is an important part of the gameplay. In the course of the action of Emmy (so Amateras calls Ontin) meets other gods and gets their magic forces. Boar Bakugami will allow control of magic fireworks, snake nurgers – water jets. All these wonderful things can appear in our world only with the help of heavenly brushes. By pressing one of the “creiples”, we stop the time, open the canvas, make several strokes – and voila, the sun appeared in the sky, lily blossomed in the water, the enemies get a blow to the sword.

Yes, drawing is inserted both in peaceful and in the combat part of the game. And thus the impression is very holistic – the same techniques we use both in battles and to solve problems, help people. Despite the fact that battles occur on a separate screen, and there are downloads between big locations, the universe nippon does not look torn apart.

Country of nonpougalian clover

There is something to do – from the very first appearance of criticism began to compare Okami from The Legend of Zelda. If you look formally, the similarity is one thing – this is an open world, in the new parts of which you get, getting a fresh ability. In all the rest of the adventure of the Link, stand far behind Amateras. There is no artificial separation for dungeons and open fields. Here, communication with people and mutual assistance, and not the solution of abstract puzzles goes to the fore. Perhaps so the game turned out pretty light. Although the challenges when you need to think, too, there are.OKAMI HD Game ReviewAnother trifle from the past – the point of saving. Here they for some reason do not bear, but look funny fossil.
Nippon – the country is very large by the standards of PlayStation 2 and Wii consoles, and, although modern “sandboxes” allow many times more, I was still going to run for Emmy as interesting as six years ago. Why? First, there is a huge number of content and all sorts of little things, of which a completely special impression is created. And secondly – the very impression of peacefulness and non-density. That the process is no less important than the result. That quarreled on the hillock four-leaf clover (it brings some points to develop Emmy’s abilities) as much as the battle with the main “boss”.

The most attentive already understood what I was cl1. We have a pretty serious, leisurely, long and unusually looking game that you need to sell adolescents, children and “kidalt”. AND Okami so unshakable in these of your qualities that, if you look at it as an ordinary adventure action, trying to miss cultural contexts, without stopping near bamboo groves, it will look strange. This is exactly what – you have already existed on YouTube (eleven years ago), between a pair of messengers – people and evaluate games.

From here and selling one and a half million copies for three publications on consoles in three hundred million. And therefore, hope for sales in Steam is pretty stupid, although there are both absolutely enthusiastic reviews and the full hate of the reviews of people who do not know how to skip the 20-minute initial screensaver ..OKAMI HD Game ReviewTo control the brush on PC, you can use even a graphics tablet, and on PS4 drawing with a touchpad is implemented extremely bad.***
The main problem of music in Russia, as you know, in those who made the group “Mushrooms” most popular in 2K17 (at least in iTunes). About the same and with Okami – This thing is absolutely brilliant, but also too “complicated” to audience Call of Whatever. Perhaps because Clover Studio made an adventure about the creation, and it is always harder to create than to destroy. Or because the theme of faith as something good does not fit into the modern context. Undoubtedly Other – Now on PC and current consoles have the best game style Zelda.

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