Operation Flashpoint: Tips And Tactics

I found a lot of interesting models. Here are some of them.
JetRangersilent – Toy helicopter with toy soldiers. He flies very coryato.
And these models probably more for the screensaver will suit, because it can be destroyed by the T80, and then not immediately:

UAZCheat – Armored UAZ’IK
OfficerGcheat – Armored Resistance Officer.
SOLDIERGCHEAT – armored soldier resistance.
OfficereCheat – Armored Officer of the USSR.
SOLDIERESABOTEURCHEAT – armored special forces of the USSR.
Soldierwsaboteurcheat – Armored Special Forces NATO.
Let me remind you to use these models you need to edit the Mission file.SQM in the catalog with your mission.
Just replace the string: vehicle = “”;In quotes write the model name.


Class Item0


POSITION [] = {0,0,0};

id = 0;

Side = “East”;

vehicle = “soldieresaboteurcheat”;

Player = “Player Commander”;

leader = 1;


Now download this mission and run it, as a result you will play for almost the immortal special forces.

P.FROM.: Naming – no addons and patches. All standard, environmentally friendly. 🙂

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