Overwatch Will Not Be Freactular

As part of BlizzCon 2015 this weekend Blizzard Entertainment finally made clarity to the question that was interested in many people since they first saw Overwatch. Developers confirmed that the multiplayer will in no way be free.

In an interview with Polygon Project Manager Jeff Kaplan (Jeff Kaplan) explained that a conditionally free distribution model does not fit Overwatch, Since the whole salt of the game is in the heroes, to switch between them right in the middle of the match. And if you sell fighters at a certain price, then users will dramatically reduce access to a sufficient number of characters, and the gameplay will become kuts.

So if you want to evaluate the first for many years the original franchise from Blizzard, Get ready to lay out the full sixty-American dollars (for consoles) or forty for PC (and yes, the crossblading between the platforms can not wait – according to Kaplan, it will not be right). But you can be iron safely confident that all the characters will be at your disposal for this amount.
Immediately there is a suspicion – whether the creators will not Overwatch Sell new characters as a DLC? For what Caplan Replies, they say, the studio is still not presented to what to do with a shooter after running it. But, most likely, new fighters if they appear in the game, it is very soon. Except that the fans themselves will be toggle developers about it. In general, in such matters allegedly, the opinion of the players is most important for Blizzard.

And if with the number of heroes, Irrodel has already defined (21), the number of modes in Overwatch Even more will increase. True, they are not so easy to come up. Traditional kind of “capture of the flag” in the online shooter, where the main thing – the characters do not fit, complains the head. But the team does not cease to create and check out all new and new prototypes.

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