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Unusual multiplayer entertainment from Nintendo appear when they are not waiting at all. Tetris 99 suddenly turned out to be an exciting royal battle, and PAC-MAN 99 once again proved that in the legendary, but already very old games can be inhaling a new life. ABOUT Super Mario Bros. 35 forget how it already did Nintendo, – The experiment was not bad, but the multiplayer variation of “Pakmen” carries many times stronger.

Pokemon does not happen much

Everything here is arranged in the same way as in Tetris 99: The center of the screen is located your field, and on the left and right of it – squares with numbers of rivals and all sorts of icons. Watch there in Tetris had no time, and here and yes – if you break up, you can immediately lose.

Basic rules have not changed: Pacmemen gets into the already familiar Maze, there are dangerous ghosts with him, and the hero is only left to eat all the points on their path. If he is eating one of four big points, the ghosts will weaken the ghosts for a few seconds and start running away – at that moment the packman will change with them in some places and will be a threat to them. It is the murder of ghosts (which are almost immediately reborn in the center of the labyrinth) calls on the side of opponents all sorts of trouble.

PAC-MAN 99: Overview

Screenshots are cheating – in the dynamics of such a mustache from the effects looks better.

As in Tetris 99, You negatively affect the games of your opponents. There we sent them extra stripes, filling their glasses, and here we call in their labyrinths of ghostly palamen. Those are also chaotic walking, but you cannot kill the enemy – only slow down it. One such a ghost is almost harmless, and two are not particularly dangerous if they walk around, but a whole group of packeds can harm very much – just do not have time to run away from the present ghost.

There is another kind of sent to ghostly palamen – they are painted in red and invincible, even if you eaten a big point. To get rid of them, you need to take a berry in the center of the labyrinth and go to the next level, clearing the map. Such pamplates appear in enemies only if the destruction of the ghosts you scored a large combo. And in this help sleeping ghosts – a group of harmless initial creatures that wake up if they go through them, and they join one of the spirits running around the maze. It turns out a seek snake, which allows you to send someone a whole pack of additional obstacles.

Not so they are terrible.

Disassemble yourself

the main problem PAC-MAN 99 Moved here out Tetris 99 – here are completely absent at least some explanations. At first you feel a blind kitten: some strange pacias appear in the maze, some numbers come out with devouring of ghosts. Yes, and do not quite understand what tactics to stick – do everything very slowly or to rush, whether to send nastiness opponents or not touch any1. Apparently, the developers of both games want you to study everything, but some elements are not obvious immediately – for example, the same red palamen.

No one will tell that if you press the button on the cross in a fraction of a second to turn, the character will get acceleration. Or that when eating all points, the hero begins to move faster, which helps against white ghostly palamen. But the most important riddle – gain, which are selected by the letter buttons on the “Joykone”. By default, the standard is always selected there, but you can switch to “stronger”, “Speed” and “Train” – bonuses with anything not speaking names. It turns out that the first increases the number of sent to ghosts, but reduces the time of action of large points. The second accelerates your pacting, in return by reducing the number of sprats sent. And the third adds bonus sleeping ghosts when they are activated, but activates more obstacles in your labyrinth.

PAC-MAN 99: Overview

If the enemies were killed by your ghosts, you get orders – they can be seen in the right side of the labyrinth.

When you find out all these details, PAC-MAN 99 Begins to transform. She is very fascinating without it – if you want to play “Pakmen”, not delighted in the particular version of this version and simply reacting to the emerging hazards, the novelty will fully satisfy this need. Not in vain Pac-Man It is considered one of the most important games in history – her gameplay delays her simplicity even after so many years. And thanks to various innovations from it, it is impossible to get out – only you finish the match, as I want to start searching for the next. Everything happens very quickly – although the lobby should gain as much as 99 participants, occupies the process literally a few seconds.

Multiplayer mode here is basic, but in the game there are single entertainment. However, they will have to pay. For 1,049 ₽ A set of unlocking three modes: “Battle against AI”, “Game Glasses” and “Game blindly for a while”. It will also be possible to create closed lobby, where the entrance is possible only by password (ideal for friendly competitions), and the settings will appear custom labyrinth design options, but not all. There are a lot of them: one turns the field into the lawn with weeds, the other makes obstacles similar to Lego figurines. Separately every appearance costs 149 ₽, and in Deluxe edition for 2,249 ₽ enters absolutely all existing content. Expensive – especially sorry to give so much money for closed lobby.

PAC-MAN 99: Overview

With the amplification of the “train” snakes become noticeably longer.

For the royal battle, only Nintendo Switch Online is required – although the game applies to a conditionally free model, it is exclusive for service subscribers, so you still have to spend money. But it is worth – options for what can happen in the next match, countless, due to which each new attempt to take the first place unlike the previous 1. Do not even need any customization items or other awards for the spent time – just getting great pleasure from the game.

PAC-MAN 99 – Beautiful multiplayer arcade, taking a familiar gameplay and additive new elements as it adds. As in Tetris 99, In which I was sitting after the review of the review for a few more months, I want to return to this game again and again. The project that no one was waiting for no one asked about and which suddenly came out on the announcement day, turned out to be a great entertainment and at the same brilliant return of the classics. There are flaws, but they do not spoil impressions.

Pros: The classic in modern wrapper – and without that fascinating gameplay keeps the screen even stronger;Interesting mechanics, allowing to select different tactics for victory in the next match;very quick search for players, thanks to which you spend little time outside matches.

Minuses: no training modes and tips;Single entertainment, closed lobby and new labyrinth options are too expensive.

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