Pay Day 2 Guide: Overview and Tips

Pay day 2

As you probably already know, Payday 2 was developed by Overkill Software in partnership with Starbreeze Studios and published by 505 Games in 2013. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this guide. Payday is a cooperative first-person shooter with a crime setting. Payday 2 has some differences … It has RPG elements: skills, crafting of any weapons, masks and others.

Your safe house, it has everything important for you. This is where your funds, weapons, and masks are saved. Also, here you can learn how to pick locks, drill safes and take shooting lessons. There is also a shield (stand) with all your weapons and masks on it. When you are ready to go on a mission, press the impact button (by default F) located at the bottom, under the sculpture of Justice.

Here you will see all your skills and abilities. Mastermind (Chief), Enforcer (Action), Technician (Technician) and Ghost (Ghost). Their names correspond to their functions, but we will return to them later. Here you can purchase branches of skills, abilities and other “goodies”. Buy everything wisely, dumping branches is a huge risk. Buy what is most likely to help you travel time. Adjust the game to your style and mood. If you play in a team, try to choose those skills that will undoubtedly help you and the team.


This is your inventory. Here you will see your weapon, masks, lotions / bags and you can choose your own character. The weapon opens with an increase in your LvL, and the masks drop out after completing missions (and even then, it may not drop out). Lotions / bags can only be opened if you have gained a certain number of skills. Here you can also purchase a weapon and a body kit. Buy smart.


There is not much to explain here. Just find the options that more or less meet the system requirements of your computer, and enjoy the game.

Difficulty levels.

There are four types of difficulty in PayDay2: Normal, Hard, Very hard and Overkill. Starting from the difficult level and up, there are small yellowish skulls – this is a degree of risk. Higher risk – more skills you get, but the difficulty of opponents increases. For beginners, we recommend the Normal level, and when you are ready for a higher level, remember about Difficult and Very difficult. Overkill is a different situation. It is worth practicing before embarking on heists at this level.

Bank account.

The offshore (bank) account receives about 95% of the funds earned by your efforts. This is your bank where you deposit your funds. This indicator does not affect anything, but according to rumors, the authors will prepare us several gifts associated with it.

A plan for some kind of robbery.

Here you and your “friends” create your own team, and you will be able to look at each other’s masks and weapons. It is possible to acquire a weapon and craft body kits and masks. After choosing the contract, you can go to the Bane project. He will tell and show you what needs to be done and what you should expect, after which you can buy weapons, items, armor and start the game.


This is baggage that you can purchase and that will surely help you on your mission. The session developer (host) pays for this. The Mastermind has a skill that will lower their cost.


It shows the current weapon, additional weapon, items and armor of your team’s players, which they can take to rob.

Multi-day heists

It will take several days. It will be necessary to go through any day doing errands, picking up cash and other objects, and then proceeding to the coming day. In case you fail a day, you can replay it every time. If this is a pro job multi-day heist, failing once a day, you will lose the whole contract.

Well-being or health.

Your well-being is reflected in a greenish circle next to your name. The small, snow-white circle around your health is your carapace (armor). Your carapace regenerates if you don’t take damage for a while.

Stealth / civil.

You always start a robbery without masks. You can put them on by pressing (by default G). You will become suspicious of civilians and security guards. Blue question marks will appear over people’s heads when they begin to notice that something is amiss. A scarlet exclamation point will indicate that they are alarmed or worried, and you need to neutralize them until they call the police. You can wipe them off the face of the earth, if, of course, you want to – this will not violate your stealth, if you kill all the others, it will cost you money. So don’t kill civilians.


Everything is elementary here: the smaller your weapon and the less armor you have, the more invisible you are. So you will not be suspected.

Assault waves

The waves of the assault will begin soon after the cops are called (can be canceled, but the hostages must be tied). The waves of the assault will stop a number of mines. and then resume again. A large number of cops will attack you, so hide behind cover and answer back.

Pro jobs (work for professionals)

These tasks are marked with reddish color. If you fail this assignment, it will be impossible to replay it. You lose the contract and it disappears.


You will be detained as soon as you run out of health three times. After being arrested, you will start the game again after two or three minutes on Normal or Hard levels, and on Very Hard and Overkill you will only return to the game if your accomplices change you for a hostage in the interval between the waves of the assault.

Mastermind (Head)

This thread is aimed at helping. In it you will find a doctor’s purse (a very significant item), the likelihood of luring the cops to your side and fighting for you, and some other things, such as increasing stamina, liveliness, increasing the acquired skill and special assets (assets).

Enforcer (Action)

The clumsy power of the team. With this branch, everything is elementary – it is predetermined for attacking and eliminating opponents. It contains a pouch of ammo (also a pretty significant item) and upgrades for huge guns. If you like a shotgun and a powerful shell, download this branch.


Computer connoisseur and master of devices. It has booby traps and turrets. Booby traps will be able to open safes in seconds. The number of them is limited, but they are pretty good.


This class is for inconspicuous intrusions. If you want to perform the robbery quietly and leave the crime space with money, without leaving a single clue, then this class is for you. He has a jammer that interferes with cameras, breaks into safes and a large number of other gadgets.


Assault rifles are not bad for all team members.

Pistols (pistols) – if you are the Chief, then this is your weapon. The Chief has a large number of skills that affect revolvers, making them really strong, playful and cool.

SMG (Submachine Guns) are not bad for the Ghost.

Shotguns (shotguns) are only good for the Actionman.

Single Shot weapons – Barrels like the M308 and other automatic weapons. Not bad for a technician.


1) Suppress the enemy.

2) Shoot in the direction of the spetsnaz, this will overwhelm them, and most of the time they will certainly not shoot back.

3) Delay the waves of the assault.

The waves of the assault can only be suspended by tying up the hostages. The Boss at 1st level has a skill that allows you to wear 5 cable ties.

4) Use your doctor’s and ammo pouch judiciously.

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