Pc Assembly Simulator Comes Out On Consoles

On PC there is a game called PC Building simulator, in which you can collect PC while playing the PC (car_nameblock.jpg). The simulator was so popular that it was sent to the conquest of new platforms – consoles.

PC Building simulator Launched immediately on all three possible consoles: in the PlayStation Blog, it is mentioned in the list of releases of this week, a page with a note “is available on PC and Xbox One” appeared in the Xbox store, and the Nintendo Switch version is found in the corporate document Nintendo. And on the ExoPhase website you can already see the list of achievements of the game on Xbox One and Playstation 4 (“Platinum” in stock!).

Apparently, the official release will take place today – most likely, on all three consoles at the same time. Only an announcement remains to wait!
PC Building simulator It offers not just bothering with iron for PC, but to feel like an entrepreneur who collects computers for others. In addition to the career there is a free regime where you can design a PC of your dreams from the best components in the light, as well as educational elements – they will help to get out of the art of the computer assembly, even a complete newcomer.

IN PC Building simulator There is a lot of real devices with licenses from manufacturers. And therefore you can build the animal c i9, two RTX 2080 Ti and 32 gigabytes of memory, tinted with backlight, plug a fashionable mouse and keyboard from Razer, Play with overclocking settings, pick up in the BIOS, get the highest points in 3D mark and finally run Crysis At maxima. And all this on PlayStation 4 (or what console you prefer there)!

Steam users are evaluated PC Building simulator Very positive.

Update on August 14. PC Building simulator Released on all consoles:

• PlayStation 4 – 1 299 rubles,
• Xbox One – 17.99 US dollars,
• Nintendo SWITCH – 1 349 rubles.

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