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It happens that games love, it happens that they hate, – nothing amazing in no case. Noticeably less often love and hatred go side by side – like the game is very bad, remove and forget, but you find something that makes it forces it again and again. Or vice versa – at first you enjoy every little thing and enjoy the gameplay, anticipating the continuation of the holiday, but gradually understand that negative emotions from such a masterpiece much more than positive.

Per Aspera From the Argentine Studio Tlön Industries – just such a case. For two dozen hours, spent on this strategy, I passed the way from admiration for sincere curses to its authors – for this it turned out to be enough to figure out how the game works. More precisely how she does not work.

WE Do What We Must Because We Can

What’s there, another strategy about colonization of Mars? Dreams about the terraforming of our neighbor in the solar system appeared, perhaps, at about the same time, when it became known that the Red Planet for Human Life is unsuitable. In the games, this topic is repeatedly found in a variety of forms, but in this case the developers approached the question with an unexpected side for the genre.

Let’s start with the fact that the authors paid much attention to the plot – it is noticeable of both in the overall description of the world and in the plot of campaigns. It is felt by strong science fiction, where a serious approach notes even in trifles: me, for example, is very bribed such a small detail as a realistic timeline. The action of the game unfolds in the distant future, but despite this, humanity could not settle other star systems, and just barely got to Mars – he was visited by dozens of expeditions, but no one was able to stay for a long time. Like.

It is not surprising that the next trip was entrusted with an artificial intellect, which is the main character, – the engineering mind is more likely to succeed. Tasks in front of AMI-2 (so call the A9) the most ambitious – full terrare-forming of Mars and the gradual settlement of the planet. Per Aspera Game ReviewMars changing – on the final stages it will be really blooming planet.
It would seem that the use of the car as an alter of the player’s ego is a great way to move away from conversations, plot turns and generally forget about the narration as such, what is hardly someone will complain about strategy. But no, with the help of the simplest dialogue system, the authors manage to show us as EMI-2 relations with people and attempts to figure out.

I will not spare, but some moments, like communication with colonists or passing a test for cognitive abilities with very precipitatory issues, and make it possible to feel in the skin of Edak Glados.

But this is all – in the story campaign. Of course, there is a sandbox mode, where the player no one distracts from the transformation of Mars in a flowering garden. No one, except, perhaps, many “points of interest” scattered in the Martian Globe are traces of past expeditions, both invented by scenarios and real (there are, for example, the remains of the Marshode CURIOSITY).

As a rule, it is the sandbox in such strategies on leading roles, and the campaign is suitable except for learning. Per Aspera – Exception: “Syretka” I did not go without pleasure, but I will not advise the standard single game, although they are structurally different than vary.Per Aspera Game ReviewThe whole planet is literally sleeping like “points of interest”.

Make Mars Green Again

The terraformation of Mars – the task is not from the lungs. This process is complicated, stretched for several decades and divided into five stages. At the first it is necessary to increase the temperature and get water in a liquid form, the tasks of the second and third – to create an atmosphere and the simplest biosphere, plants will appear on the fourth on Mars, and on the fifth, final air should be suitable for breathing.

All these phases are not just lines on the screen, meaning moving to a new level. The process of terraforming is watching with its own eyes: Polar caps are melted, reservoirs appear, which are flooded with lowlands, and later the usual orange landscape begins to change the green in those places where the player puts the biodecy. It looks great – it is felt both common progress and its participation in the success of each stage.

You can achieve the goal at each stage in different ways. Somewhere we use the buildings on the surface, somewhere will have to resort to the help of so-called orbital special projects, and sometimes you have to combine both options. For example, for saturation of the atmosphere, greenhouse gases can be used both special factories and reset to the surface of Mars methane asteroid. Or bring these greenhouse gases at all, where they are observed.Per Aspera Game ReviewOrbital special projects, as a rule, lead to a sharp and irreversible change in the ecosystem of Mars.
In any case, it is not necessary to do without the gameplay of all similar strategies: – Extracting resources, their processing and construction of optimal logistics. Everything is familiar here – the mines get raw materials, the plants are engaged in processing, the power plants ensure the performance of all buildings, repairers are releasing, special cars are transported by loads ..

Little knocked out of the gauge except the realization of the human presence in the alien colony. People here are not a workforce or source of income and not even demanding to the surrounding conditions of non-wellness, which should be protected in every possible way. Colonists – just scientists moving forward our young Martian science. Want to build more efficient mines or open a new source of energy? Build a colony, bring the settlers from the ground, provide them with minimal conditions – in response you will be leisurely drip research glasses that always have something to spend. If you don’t like the “leather bags” – they will flew back, only and everything. Quite a logical decision for the strategy where the main character – A9.

Also quite original here (read: difficult to understand) Transportation system, where special nodal points serve as a place of parking trucks. The fact is that these machines serve only neighboring buildings, so any flight is a chain transmission between several nodes, and not a trip from the starting point to the final point of the route. Want to unload traffic – Build new knots near the problem site, and do not saturate the fleet of garages somewhere on the backyards of the colony.Per Aspera Game ReviewSeveral layers of review card allow you to better plan construction base. And it’s just beautiful.
In general, the understanding of the local scale, logistics and principles of production optimization comes not immediately. Somewhere in the middle of the campaign, I considered that I figured out how and that it works and decided that you can now calmly finish passing. Colony grows, Mars starts green, the plot accelerates faster and faster and even pleases the possibility of choice – well, here exactly “commemorated”, if not a whole “raisins” ..

But as far as I liked Per Aspera, As long as I understood in the gameplay, I raised her later when I finally realized that the game mechanic was not able to give an adequate and expected answer to my actions.

From love to hate

At first it seems that you just do not understand the principles of gameplay. Then – what prevents you from the interface, which here is the truth, very uncomfortable. But in fact, it’s still easier: Per Aspera just not working properly. Per Aspera Game ReviewThere are not enough of several resource units to launch a project in orbit? Not trouble, let’s wait ten minutes, while carriers do not contemplate the missing from the neighboring warehouse.
Important construction requiring a large number of resources? Get ready to observe how the necessary components hang in factories, and carrier robots are engaged in anything, but not delivery of the necessary goods – rather, they will drag raw materials between warehouses.

With repositories in general, the situation is terrible: on old memory RimWorld And DWARF FORTRESS Having tried to organize logistics using a chain of warehouses, I faced the fact that the priorities for specific limits and types of objects do not act. There is a restriction of 10 units of water, and carriers can carry it to the warehouse until they score to the top, not paying attention to the settlement suffering from thirst. May not bring any drops, despite a couple of mines within walking distance.

And similar to everywhere: scientific studies that are producing colonists do not notice bonuses from field laboratories at the expedition places of the past (although the tip approves the opposite), the factory for the development of nitrogen regularly fractures resources, but do not produce anything, and the same transportation system begins to work completely unpredictable, It is worth the basis to grow to more or less solid sizes.Per Aspera Game ReviewThe system of cargo transportation of the colony is very interesting, but nothing is clear.
With an increase in scale more and more battles the interface. Many actions have to be done manually for each individual building – which was tolerant for a small colony, it becomes unbearable for rare on half of the planet. Create mining clusters and lay roads to remote areas often have often, but it is annoying this on the second repetition. Templates and drawings from Factorio remember with love, and a multi-level system of priorities from RimWorld seems manna heaven – so much here is missing.

Finally overflowed my bowl of patience The last phase of terraforming, stretched almost four hours: I was just sitting and watched how science glasses and resources were smoked for studying and launching the final project. Any attempts at least somehow speed up the process by optimizing the production or expansion of the base did not lead to anything good – Gaming logic does not work as conceived.

The fighting here is also there, but they are simplistic and built around the economy: the outcome of the battle is usually known before it starts.
What a sandbox is talking about here if patience barely grabs to go through the plot mode? Thanks to the developers for the interesting (not only by the standards of the prison simulator), the history, for the possibility of choosing one of several endings, for the visual process of landscaping Mars, however, the minuses are still outweigh.

Maybe, Per Aspera Over time, it will be repaired, but for now I can advise except for a campaign, and only those who have iron patience. The desire to build another colony in the sandbox mode, the game was repulsed for me for a long time – for the town-planning strategy it is a sentence.

Pros: Interesting plot with AI in the role of the main character;The visual process of Terraforming Mars.

Minuses: non-working gaming mechanics;bugs;protraction of the final stage of the campaign.

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