Perspective DNF Duel Fighting will be released on PC

Perspective DNF Duel Fighting will be released on PC

Some time ago Publisher Nexon Presented DNF Duel – Fighting based on the Universe Dungeon Fighter Online. The game looks beautiful, and developing recognized experts on the genre from Arc System Works (Series Blazblue And Guilty Gear) – reasons to draw attention enough, in general.

Initially DNF Duel Announced only for PlayStation, but in the last materials it is mentioned that the game will be released on PC. Judging by the wording, other platforms in the plans also have. When the release takes place, it is not specified, but, apparently, relatively soon: DNF Duel A few days later the open beta test starts.

OVT will be held on the PlayStation from December 18 to December 20 in all regions, including Europe, North America, Japan and Asia. About the content of “beta”, apparently, will talk a little later.

Dungeon Fighter Online – This is an online bitmap from South Korea, which is launched in his homeland in August 2005. It is terribly popular somewhere in Asia, earned more than $ 15 billion for his life and continues to develop to this day, including through spin-off type DNF Duel.

The trailer with whom reminded about the existence of the game in November 2021.

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