First view on Outlast gameplay

First view on Outlast gameplay
Recall, recently a young studio Red Barrels, the backbone of which is formed by the output from Ubisoft, Announced your debut project. They became PC-exclusive horror Outlast, in spirit strongly resembling Penumbra And Amnesia. Although the developers have previously stated that they are going to scare from non-stuffing from the corner, and a thick psychedelic atmosphere – there is enough of the video and the other.

The action of the game will unfold in an abandoned clinic for mentally ill, located somewhere in the Mountains of Colorado. The activities of the mental hospital was suspended after in 1967, three scientists were brutally killed by an unknown patient. The walls of the hospital and to this day are kept that sinister secret, to solve that we have to be followed in the summer, taking with you one infrared chamber.

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