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The first two parts Pikmin Saw the light in the early 2000s on GameCube. Then Nintendo For a long time I forgot about the strategic series and seriously returned to it only in 2013, releasing Pikmin 3 on Wii U. The console with the tablet controller, like GameCube, was well sold, because of what the output of the third game, many did not notice. From the release of the Switch, the Japanese publisher slowly pulls on a new console noticeable projects with Wii U like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze And Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Finally the ceremony has come Pikmin 3.

Landing Kubarem

Pikmin 3 Deluxe – Improved and extended reissue of a cute strategy. Not in contact with something replaced textures, but additional missions, scented tips and recycled management. In brief, the original was criticized for excessive hardcore, in reprinting the same nerves less. Further – in order.Pikmin 3 Deluxe Game ReviewNature in Pikmin 3 is attached as great as in Yoshi’s crafted world.
Boldly pass the third part without exploring old issues. As accepted by U Nintendo, The plot is assigned auxiliary role. On the planet Koppay dwells voracious puppet popup. One day, local gardens are not what they have been cold – empty. Save the fellow from hunger committed to Astronauts Charlie, Alpha and Brittany. They fly to the planet PNF-404, where delicious fruits grow even in zones with a minus temperature. Unfortunately, landed humanly does not succeed, and space researchers scatter on different locations. All hope for you and pikemen.

Pikemen – whether ants, or radishes. They have handles / legs, and a sprout sticks out of the head. In the usual life of Pikmina Legembok, however, on the first team ready to help: break through the tunnel, ripped out the wall of the sand, score with a frozen brewing. The space jump prevents your hero to ride, but the whistle is built into it – know myself blowing and point out the direction: this language Aborigines understand perfectly.Pikmin 3 Deluxe Game ReviewPikemen need astronauts and then to find the key to jump through space. Without him in the native world.

Cheerful slavery

IN Pikmin 3 You walk along a small and confusing locations, carry a multicolored round dance behind you, throw drawn on the hill and command them. The gameplay is fragmented for days (sessions for 15-20 minutes). Punching through the greenery and drifts, do not forget about the collection of cherries, apples, lemons and so on.

On the ship a special machine converts a crop into juice. The crew drinks one jar over a day. No juice will remain – the end of the game. Nevertheless reissue on normal complexity (in Deluxe-versions appeared a level selection) to “survival” do not count. Relaxed gameplay, Puzzles are clear, bosses available, can be distinguished from the main goal and explore the territory in their pleasure.Pikmin 3 Deluxe Game ReviewOne of the bosses. Tips for victory over it are scattered directly by the arena.
In the campaign before us five types of pikemen. Red – exemplary dracans and are not afraid of fire. Yellow spend current, capable of breaking the fence under voltage, they can be thrown higher than other pikemines. Blue no matter what happened under water. At stone – leather-armor, they do not flood them, plus they are in two accounts broaden the crystals. Winged – weaklings, they are useful in that they carry fruit through the air and over the water (cut down until there are no blue).Pikmin 3 Deluxe Game ReviewA camera has built into the Coppian Tablet. In the approximation of pike angular.
On the map of Galdim, the maximum of 100 tiny assistants. Warning with them is a lion’s share of gameplay. You can disturb with one Vatagoy, you can trust each cosmonaut on the “shelf” and as needed between them to switch (such situations in the campaign rarely occur). While the stone guys are crushing spider, the red bridge will be repaired, and the pinks with the wings are transported to the carcass base of the defeated opponents. Pikminovs themselves know what to do – it is enough for them to go on purpose.

Minus This is what: dragging the shards for the bridge, the pikemen will be held at the cleared place and will rest, as long as you do not come back. At sunset, the trio of captains on the star pilot cohes up to orbit. Behind them is a bulb with pikemines. Those who are forgotten “in the fields” will eat monsters. At least at first the loss of kids perceive painfully. Pikmin 3 Deluxe Game ReviewSometimes the pikes do not react to the cry, get stuck behind the stone, “stick” to the detachment, if they are not called, but simply to keep. Hello!
Change of Goal B Pikmin 3 Deluxe not very comfortable, the management in general is annoying with small tricks. The game strives to substitute: walked – and already in the lower right corner, where balls with pikes are switched, another type of helpers are highlighted, not the one you wanted to send to battle. Intended – red, and the wheel turned without your knowledge, and to the enemy a soldier with a bomb, which, actually, is needed to undermine the wall. be careful!

On the way to the final labyrinth.

In search of new adventures

In addition to the campaign in the strategy, test missions are provided with a timer: you have to run behind pears, drum up enemies and knock out bosses. Here the cooperative with the separated screen is available – they say, together more fun. Take off with the “Joykon” controller and accept as a reduced overview and the inability to rotate the chamber.

Before restrictions better in Bingo Battle Competitive Mode. Here you are a challenge with a friend looking for objects on the map and fill with them grid. Alas, Cases occur: the game shows that there is no animal needed to win, you lower your hands, and in fact, the animal wanders in two steps. Well, we will give an overlooking the mischievous spirit – in Bingo Battle Purchasing, Washing items with someone else’s half cards.

Bingo Battle. Multiplayer in pikmin 3 strictly local.

In campaign Nintendo Added switching to “Coop” at any time. I switched to it twice – for the sake of experiment. “Breated” screen prevents to understand what is happening around. In addition, as I said, in the story part there are not so many situations when you want to disperse.

In the side stories embedded by the developers in reprint, with this more interesting. In them heroites Ommar and Louis, the characters of the first and second parts. Tasks serve as a kind of prologue and epilogue to the trickle. In the prologue, nothing busy – passed and forgot, such good in bulk in trials. In the epilogue, on the contrary, there are weak challenges and a variety of. Here I monitor the card, and constantly bred captains.

Olimar and Louis at work.

However, Pikmin 3 does not try to appear deliberately difficult. In the morning, fruits lie in the same place where you threw them in a hurry in the evening, the bosses do not have time to lick the wound, you can replay unsuccessful days. Informant Pikmin dosage, preferring to pour positive emotions.***
Pikmin 3 And Pikmin 2 Share nine years old. It would be nice, release the Japanese fourth game on Switch in 2021-M or 2022-M. Only no news about her. Hope, Nintendo presents trumps while Sony And Microsoft Split your new consoles. Pikmin 3 Deluxe Reminds what kind of original series is languishing without a case under the roof of “big n”.

Pros: in Deluxe-Versions are sufficiently differences from the original, as duty (achievements, levels of complexity, tips, PiklOpedia section), and large (cooperative in campaign, mode with the Olymar and Louis, all DLC are included);The picture did not pose, but did not lose charm;Corporate Gameplay Series – Simple and Chain.

Minuses: “Cure” control completely Nintendo Did not work out;Scene mode too straightforward.

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