Pirates Of The Caribbean: Tips And Tactics

Want a lot of experience and money? Here is a couple of tips.
1) We do this: at the beginning of the game do not swim to the governor, and on Redmond we go to the priest and pump off the reputation for money (money is a cunning trick with a usurist). Then we take a quest from him when you get stuck on Duzezen and take the quest from the governor.
2) After fulfilling all quests, we buy a first-class karabl, bombing the forts increase the level of Nathaniel.
3) Then in the global map we join the battle between the French and the British. If you have a big level, then the French will have Mananovar. We repeat all these battles until you are dribbles, will be mananons.
4) Now you can safely swim to the governor by Sayichlarda.

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