Planescape Developer: Torment And Realms Of Arkania Makes An Independent Rpg

Among the numerous trends in the modern game industry, the development of something own and independent is not the very last. What to sit in the cells of the offices of mega corporations and make money with all kinds of cats and Richitellami (not for the most disgusting salary, but still) when you can make something in your own bedroom, sell it a hundred thousand times and get several times more material benefits?

Sale “One hundred thousand times” – the weakest place in this regard, but once all sorts of Swedes were able (Minecraft), Finns (Legend of Grimrock) and others, then others will also work. For example, Guido Henkel (Guido Henkel) – not just some other, he produced more Planescape: Torment, And it was his face in a mask became the appearance of the nameless (even before that, by the way, he was the main figure in the series Realms of Arkania). So he herself is an impeccable developer biography told to try with his own RPG.
While it is called Deathfire, But someday can and rename. Develops her Guido not alone, and threesome with colleagues, and going to do something oldcory, party, but with a first-person appearance. Machine, shorter, Dungeon Master (or Legend of Grimrock, If someone has no idea what is Dungeon Master) And Wizardry. With the battle in real time, but “step” gameplay (not to be confused with step by step) – the party takes a step and study the world, then another and so on.

The game will begin, oddly enough, with the creation of characters, where players will be able to choose for their combat team of race (only six; elves are present, even two types) and classes (eight pieces), then decide on the statistics (example – in pictures)Take up passage. About which Guido will tell somehow later … By the way, we liked the creation of characters, but will the project live to the release?

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