Players Scold The Gleamlight Platformer For Copying Hollow Knight, But The Developers Deny The Similarity

In the broadcast of Indie World at the beginning of the week Nintendo showed action-platformer Gleamlight, which is very much like Hollow Knight. So strongly that players suspected developers from the studio Dico in copying a bubbling metro.

For example, under the post with the announcement of the game in Twitter Nintendo of America Users called Gleamlight plagiarism “Hollow Knight”, and the most popular commentary under the trailer on YouTube uses a popular meme to compare the platformer with Silksong – continuation Hollow Knight:

– I want a new trailer Silksong.
– We already have a trailer Silksong Houses.
Trailer Silksong Houses: [Trailer GleamlightSCH
During the premiere Gleamlight The authors said that the aesthetics of the game affects stained glass. However, Polygon their words were not convinced – they say, the color palette, artistic style, and even the design of the main character and its movement similar to it from the brainchild Team Cherry.

Therefore, the publication decided to comment from the publisher of the game D3Publisher, Asking whether developers were inspired Hollow Knight And do they know about this game in principle. As noted by the company to release Gleamlight It may change, but the direct influence of speech did not follow:

Gleamlight still under development, and the version shown is not final. Developer team knows about Hollow Knight, But our game has nothing to do with it.
What will look like Gleamlight As a result, we find out in early 2020, when the game appears on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Recall that a couple of months ago, players reacted as a platformer trailer Enchanted Portals, the similarity of which S Cuphead was visible to the naked eye. The authors of the game called themselves by avid fans Cuphead and recognized that she served as a source of inspiration for them.

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