PlayStation 2 closes in Japan

PlayStation 2 closes in Japan
PlayStation 2 came out in 2000, and an easy count says that the console has already hit a dozen years. And soon there may be a drawn of a dozen. Very, in general, respectable age for iron, and it is still produced and sold.

True, not long left. What a precursor is the cessation of console sales in Japan. More precisely, it will still be some time to buy for some time until warehouse stocks run out. And then – all. Cranes, Kirdyk and “Farewell, Favorite, In vain I then smalked you with a hammer”.

In total for the past (since 2000th), 21 million units were implemented in Japan – a decent amount. Although nothing compared to the world PS2 revolution. Because the remaining world (without Japan) acquired 132.6 million units of this product. Crazy people.

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