Playstation 4 Will Support Enlighten

Geomerics reported that projects for PlayStation 4 will actively use the Enlighten global lighting model, which, on the idea of the creators, will allow you to give virtual scenes even more cinesties. In any case, the video looks very thumb.

Despite the fact that ENLIGHTEN was originally created with an “nextgen” sight, with some restrictions technology has already found its application in such games as Battlefield 3, NEED FOR SPEED: THE RUN, Eve Online, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, as well as not yet released Dragon Age 3. PS4 will be the first platform that will use the features of Enlighten to the full coil.

“We are very glad that we had the opportunity to work with PS4. We pinned high hopes for iron consoles, and they were fully justified – in terms of computing power, the new system made a huge jump forward, – Shared by the joy of the founder Geomerics Chris Perera Chris Doran). – real-time global lighting has become a big event for games released on existing platforms, but developers had to go on serious compromises. With the arrival of PS4 these days will remain in the past. It will allow us to free up all the power of ENLIGHTEN, normal lighting will finally appear in games. We look forward to when companies will put our technology to weapons and will present the first results of its use on PS4 “.

Note that ENLIGHTEN is just one of the fashionable technologies for the transformation of virtual worlds, with which PS4 makes friends. The list confirmed also sign: Morpheme 4, Xaitcontrol, Physx, Apex, Speedtree, Substance, Havok, Facefx and Bitsquid. In general, in the choice of useful tools, developers are disrupted clearly will not, now the most important thing is to show a creative approach and make more cool games with their help.

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