Pornoblokbaster Subverse Starts March 26

Apparently to Valentine’s Day Studio Fow Prepared a special gift for all singles: she announced the start date Subverse – Games that gathered over $ 1.5 million on Kickstarter and claims to block the blockbuster by the standards of interactive porn. Remember: Subverse starts in early access on March 26.

In the initial version there will be three wuif and about six heads of 22 planned. Developers assure that the content of all chapters will be completely ready – no missing cat-scenes or missions missions.

Besides, Studio Fow Told about “Pandora” – this, as the authors, “FAP-Theater”. Here you can do the most important thing: watch strawberry scenes with your harem. Scenes for each character are unlocked as it pumps, and to open them in Pandore, it is necessary to spend a special currency – Pooter Points. Each character has unique scenes with a yellow frame – they will be especially spicy. The developers emphasize that episodes with a yellow frame are not sold for microtransactions – everything is mined strictly through the gameplay.

In Pandora, you fold the scene together to collect the headquarters of your dreams: for example, you can add preliminary lasoms or finish everything, so to speak, a big explosion. If you can’t decide, there is a random button – it will gather a movie for you for you.

Especially successful combinations allow you to save, and during viewing it is allowed to switch between scenes in any order. “Pandora” is optimized for managing one hand (you know why!). Separate pride Studio Fow – All sex scenes are rant on Unreal Engine in real time.

Developers hint that Subverse starts not only in Steam, but also on other platforms. Prices, videos and other details wait on Highterene, which will go to the road very soon.

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