Post Mortem: Advice (Game Tips & Tactics)

To get to room 507, you can go to m. Lozo and offer her to buy her painting. She will offer you a deity. There is a newspaper on the couch downstairs in the hall. Read it and go upstairs. Enter room 505, go to the door to the right of the window (adjacent door with number 507). Place a newspaper under the door, use the deity to push the key out of the keyhole and it will fall on the newspaper. Open the door and enter 507 without any lock picks.

Advice about number 507 only works if you are the receptionist introduced yourself as an insurance agent. And so it will be necessary to ask Gulo for a master key…

To find out which restaurant Eaton and Gulo went to, you need to go to the cafe and approach the counter from the side of the “drawn” bartender – there is a notebook and a pencil. It remains only to chirp one about another.

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