Premiere Gameplay Conan Exiles

Premiere Gameplay Conan Exiles
In January of this year, the Norwegian company FunCom, Gave us MMORPG Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, announced his return to the world of Conan Barbar, where the action of the new Mullultiplayer will unfold Conan Exiles.

Since then, the developers said that in the course of the game, users would not only fight with bloodthirsty enemies, but also to cultivate the earth, make the guns, bring victims to the gods, build cities and in general to try to survive in unfriendly Hiboria.

It is assumed that the computer version Conan Exiles will be released in “Early Access” this summer. However, the first fragment of the gameplay (just one minute long) FunCom demonstrated only today (thanks IGN).

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