Premiere Of Gameplay Updated Black Mirror

Before the output of the Gothic adventure with Horror elements Black Mirror On PC (Windows, Mac and Linux), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, scheduled for November 28, left less than a week. However, the publisher Thq Nordic And Studios King Art Games Only now deigned to demonstrate how the game process of reprinting will look like.

The developers emphasize that updated Black Mirror Nile will not differ from the original trilogy on the “unique atmosphere of madness and psychological stress”. But the gameplay itself (apparently, for the sake of conformity to the title of reissue) has undergone some improvements. In particular, now users can interact with ghosts that will help David Gordon even more to learn about the past of his family.

For those who did not have time to get acquainted with the gloomy mystery of the trilogy Black Mirror, Official description OT Thq Nordic Person: “David Gordon never really knew his alienated father. So he did not expect to receive an invitation to the family estate of the Gordon family in the mountains of Scotland, especially after his father graduated there with suicide. David almost does not know anything about the last weeks of the life of the parent, however, the circumstances of his death look more than strange. The settlement of questions with inheritance is just an excuse for David to find out about the castle in which his father grew up, to meet with family members who have never seen before, and shed light on secrets surrounding the death of his father.

All her life, David is tormented by nightmares afraid that his fate – to follow the footsteps of the Father, on the way, which leads to madness and death. But really, as Father believed, for several generations his family pursues a curse? Or the secrets behind the walls of the Black Mirror house wear more landed character?”

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