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IGN continues to talk about Aliens: FireTeam. In the queue – images of six types of weapons, which will be much more in the game, with the comments of developers from Cold Iron Studios.

Pulse rifle M41A2

Weapon, the infestable volume of fully automatic fire. Moroi joke that the true sign of the expert is the ability to click on the trigger and shoot just one bullet. As with the majority of firearms of marines, pegless ammunition makes M41 suitable for use during the exit to open space and in microgravity conditions – there is no risk of emission of a split brass in the side of the closest allies.

DT-57 MEDVED Shotgun

Shotgun, developed by the Union of Progressive Peoples, is provided free of charge by their divisions of the colonial militia and sold under license abroad.

Pistol-machine Type 78

Type 78, originally designed for service in the military police of the three world empires, has better accuracy and greater range than most machine guns. The compact design of BevelPUp, registered under the brand name Weyland-Yutani, makes it extremely convenient, but allows middle-capacity stores.

Smartgan (heavy machine gun) L56A3

Late version of popular weapons to support the detachment in which metamaterials are used to reduce mass and fastening.

Sniper rifle M42A3

A3 is one of the best sniper guns, which is a specialized version of M42 with an elongated trunk, improved optics and stabilization functions, which allow you to fight at a greater distance.

Flamethrower OCAP-91 Volcan

Militarized flamethrower adapted from a civil device for construction. Widely used to contain aggressive species.

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