Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within: Tips And Tactics

I can advise novikam….. when we wrap the dad in black underwear…. Stand all the time in the block and wait for it sharply hitting the swords up, but do not leave the block immediately… there is another imperceptible blow… After this attack, the girl will relax…. Here it is so watered with all my might… until she puts a new block and does not switch to the attack…. Then again in the block and we are protected…. And do not forget to move away from it after the attack… It may not be cut into a heel in jaw…. so that you fly out 10 meters….. In this way, I soaked it without losing health….
To kill a girl in red…. A little more difficult… and not the first time…
So, do not try to stand near it in the block… still breaks, or will make the cutting… And just do not come close to her, and do not run away, it will move, turning out you have behind your back… Main problem here – your health… It may not be enough until the end of the battle… so be sooooo neat…. Bates it in slow motion (once r without block), it helps a lot… Ending tanks with sand – break the jugs at the corners of the room… If you beat it not in slowdown, then after it puts the block, I advise you to do squirrel back, and then she will hit you… There will still have to kill four enemies, similar to “crow”… Do not waste the precious sand on them… Try to kill them with ordinary techniques…. do not stand in the block next to them, they also break it…

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