Sale Bloodborne surpassed Sony expectations

Sale Bloodborne surpassed Sony expectations
While the fans continue to dig in the cruciation of the plot Bloodborne, in Sony consider money that brings the game. And selling spiritual heir Dark Souls surpassed all the preliminary expectations of the Japanese.

Told about it Fergal Gara (Fergal Gara), President of the British PlayStation Department. According to him, Sony I was sure that it would be able to achieve much more success than previous projects From Software. But compared with the real state of affairs, even such confidence now seems insufficient – financial achievements Bloodborne Very surprised by the Japanese corporation.

Fergal believes that several reasons played his role. First, a good release time – no competitors in the neighborhood in March were not observed. Secondly, naturally, the high quality of the game itself. And third, Bloodborne clearly showed why PlayStation 4 differs from other consoles, and what a sensible projects should be expected to the gamers on this platform.

Bloodborne And the truth is sold very cheerfully: the first million copy of the game has changed only two weeks after the release. But about how things are going THE ORDER: 1886, Gara did not mention. Apparently, this exclusive Sony have nothing to brag.

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