“Damned” Roller Dark Souls 2

“Damned” Roller Dark Souls 2
From Software And Namco Bandai submitted to the public visible a new video, which is their name (“damn”), and content, in general, clearly hints at the fact that passage Dark Souls 2 will cost you oh like a lot of nerves.

For three minutes, developers manage to demonstrate several monsters at once, which will be on the way of your damned hero, it’s standing hard to step over the borders of at least damned kingdom of Drangleic.

Here you and the giant mummy, and the winged fiery demon with horns (Balrog, are you?), and a sleeper-stone something, and a monster collected from the pussy in the torch of human bodies. Shortly speaking, From Software Always with a fantasy approached the creation of monsters, and the coming Dark Souls 2, It seems that will not be an exception to this rule.

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