Puzzle Quest / Challenge of the Warlords: Advice (Tips & Tactics)

At the beginning of the game, when you go through a quest with a dark hunter, it is advisable to release the sorcerer, whom the dark hunter will tell you to bring pluses to the river guard.

1st get a sword from the sorcerer (at the beginning of the game it will be very useful to you)
2- before you fight Lord Bane, you will receive an additional 1000 experience points
3- you will see an additional piece of the map (3-4 points but nice)

1-at the end of the game, the dark hunter will leave your team
2-if at the end of the game you follow the call of the sword (otherwise you cannot gain 1000 experience points), then also say goodbye to the gnome calculus, but I strongly advise you not to reckon with the minuses from the hunter. I’m sorry for the gnome, but without him everything is also quite normal.

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