Disagreement is normal

Disagreement is normal
Boss Io Interactive Niels Yorgensen philosophically reacted to the differences of reviewers in relation Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. The developer believes that conflicting estimates is normal, for the taste and color of the man is a man wolf. Someone puts the game 1 out of 10, someone – 9 out of 10. Someone is delighted, someone frowns, as if he was fed by rotten cockroaches. Everything is fine.

As for sales of the game, Niels has yet made it difficult to evaluate them – too early. But judging by the reasoning about the benefits of marketing and advertising in promoting products, something else bought. However, it was not expressed by special delights, so we would venture to assume that it is about the same way as ratings – by 3+. By the way, our reviewer has caused the same mixed feelings as his foreign colleagues.

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