Realm Royale: Who to start playing for? Tips for beginners

Realm royale

Realm Royale is a brand new battle royale that definitely deserves your attention. Despite the fact that this is still an alpha version of the game, it is already rapidly gaining popularity. This is not surprising, the game combines the mainstream battle royale genre today, which is diluted with a role-playing system, something borrowed from MOBA games, and at the same time, the game is made in a pleasant design reminiscent of Fortnite. However, the game is much more malleable for hardware, it is optimized so that you can play it even on weak computers.

So, you decided to start the game, and because of the role-playing system, a natural question arises: “and for whom should I play?” We will compile a list of Realm Royale classes for you and will try to help you choose the optimal character for your play style, as well as evaluate them all in their current state.

The key to choosing the best class for you in Realm Royale is evaluating how you want to play and how you enjoy playing. Although while the game is at the Alpha stage, some classes are used more actively than others, the balance can change and this list can also change. However, we will be talking about the characters at the current moment in the meta.

Do not forget about the fact that you may start working in a team, the game also has such modes, which means that in different matches you will have to play in different positions and perform different functions. Determine your strengths and weaknesses, communicate with your playmates – this will help you to reach the level of a team player, ready not only to play sometimes on weekends, but even in the future to participate in tournaments, and there will certainly be tournaments, we are sure of that.

However, this is already later, first you need to train your personal skill. At the moment, for a solo game, there are a little better classes, and there are a little worse, but this is a temporary phenomenon, and, in this regard, we will not consider the meta, but precisely the nature of the game on each character. There are five classes in the game now, here is a list of them in order of percentage of wins from best to worst.

Hero winrate

Highest to lowest at time of publication:






Now, let’s focus on the nature of the playstyles offered by each class in Realm Royale. This is exactly what should tilt your choice in one direction or another, and what you should focus on when playing for different classes.

The nature of the game for different classes


Well, do you prefer to hide in the shadows and destroy opponents from afar without engaging in direct combat with them? Kemper is not just a familiar word for you, but a life credo? Then in the Battle Royale game your choice is the Assassin. With such a game, you will need sniper skills, in addition, you must be able to clearly assess the situation, and not only quickly react to the game, but also be able to impose your game.


As a child, did you play plants against zombies and castle defense? Love turrets that do the dirty work for you? Then there is an Engineer in the game for you. In addition, the engineer has the ability to soar high up, which gives a positional advantage over the enemy.


In games, you are a pro, the keyboard and mouse are an extension of your hands, and your fingers continue to drum on the phantom keys even in your sleep? Are you born to win one against all with your skill and skill? Then you definitely need a Hunter. Colossal stealth and mobility, however, requiring certain skills makes this character very tough, but only in skillful hands.


Are guns and swords boring? Give me more fireballs? Then the choice will not take long – you are a Magician. Mages know how to create walls for defense, in addition, for three seconds they can become absolutely invulnerable, however, and immobilized. And all this defense will buy you time to throw a fireball at your enemies, quickly explaining to them who is Voldemort and who is just a Muggle.


You are a simple guy, you see the enemy – do you hit? Complex schemes are not for you, you want to relax and just scatter everyone, like an ancient barbarian? If so, then you are a warrior, a real tank from the world of Realm Royale. A combination of defensive skills, much greater than the rest, vitality and the ability to quickly reach the enemy, will allow you to embody your war rage in the game.


That, in fact, is all that you should be guided by when choosing a character. Thank you for your attention and good luck on the battlefield. There will be only one left, and it will be you!

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