Remedy Announces Agents Of Storm

Remedy Announces Agents Of Storm
At the VGX 2013 event, it turned out that in addition to the development of an exclusive Microsoft, Quantum Break, which is entrusted with high hopes, Remedy Works above the new project for mobiles under the control of iOS – Agents of Storm. An unexpected announcement took place today at night. The creators describe their brainchild as a game that has long been asked to such platforms, but which no one has thought about them to create.

IN Agents of Storm users have to build a database, create a fleet, after which it is to fight. Battles will occur on a completely three-dimensional map. That before the genre affiliation Remedy says that we are waiting for something like Tower Defense, only on the contrary. Another game will be “very and very simple”.

Exit Agents of Storm In early 2014.

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