Resident Evil 4: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

Fast turn – the keyboard shortcut Ctrl (by default – Run) + S (back). Many, having passed half the game, do not know about this very useful technique..
Tactics. If you are at a dead end, and on the road you have a hefty handful of under-zombies and there are no grenades or guns at hand, just shoot them in the legs (just below the knee). And then either take a new place of deployment, or shoot them like hamsters.
Destroy everything that can be destroyed (boxes, barrels, nests, etc.). There are many useful things in store for you..

Resident Evil 4: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

Weapon Upgrade Council. Don’t pump over parameters such as rate of fire, reload time and clip capacity – on the initial barrels, this is just a waste of money. Increase the power of the sterlba, since a weak apparatus devours a huge number of cartridges. Fully parameters should be pumped only in the last trunks.

You know that if you have few cartridges, then you can save them – we shoot a zombie in the leg, below the knee, quickly run up and wet with a knife. Very effective.

To overwhelm the bearded evil uncle, from whom you then need to take his eye (as far as I remember in the third part), from the beginning quickly climb up the stairs behind you. Kill him from there, running along the root. And when you halve it, quickly run to the doors through which you entered, if you stand facing them – in the right corner – there it does not reach, hangs on a beam and tries to reach you with its “claws”. You can safely kill him with any weapon.

Where you need to fill up a bearded guy, you need to have three exploding grenades with you. They will help you get rid of his torso and save a lot of bullets. And then we just finish off with a shot or automatic.

There is such a catchy moment in the game, when at the beginning you went into the house and found a zombie man there, try to just make fun of him, since he will hardly do any harm. And there is such a very good disarming technique, we shoot from what falls under the arm in the paw of these monsters, they tear out the weapon and just at this moment, when they bent over, we run up and finish them off in hand -to-hand combat or with a knife.

Before the battle with the bearded odd-eyed uncle, visit the merchant. The bazooka acquired from him will help to cut the boss into two parts, and then everything is very simple: we finish off the foe from any weapon.

Around the middle of the castle you can pick up a free bazooka (there is no point in buying before that). After the chapel with gears you will meet two strong monsters with blades. We take fire on ourselves (when they are one after another) and charge them from a bazooka.

1) There is a dog in the village (where we are still starting to shoot medallions), you can shoot at it even at point-blank range from a rocket launcher, but it will still continue to run.
2) When you get to the episode with the ferry and the giant fish, first, standing on the walkway, shoot into the water – a huge fish and will respond.
3) By being near Ashley, you can see a little secret. Find the moment when you are about to jump from the ledge and must catch the girl in your arms. However, don’t catch her, but instead get your gun out and point it up her skirt. Enjoy her interesting answer.
4) On replay, Leon will have 3 suits. Pick a gangster outfit and buy a Thompson, then try to reload it three times in a row. On the fourth, fourth attempt, Leon tosses his hat and makes a move a la Michael Jackson
5) When you open the gangster costume, Ashley will have a “knight in armor” outfit. They reduce damage, and it becomes too heavy to be carried away by enemies.

1) Want to kill Ramon Salazar? No problem! On average difficulty, this can be done with two shots. Feel free to go to the site with this very monster, having previously got hold of a rocket launcher. We take out “Butterfly” or “Killer-7” and with a well-aimed shot we break the eye on the tentacle. Salazar will open his bone defense in disbelief. Now is the time to put his racket right into the gnaw. So the monster writhes in convulsions, and we, with a clear conscience and a minimum of costs, go to collect a tidy sum and a bunch of useful things scattered in the attic.
2) The same tactic works with the monster on the Island (which, in fact, must first be thrown down along with the three sections of the bridge). As soon as he got out of the abyss again, we unload the rocket launcher into him (be careful, there is a real chance of getting burned yourself). That’s just not enough for him this rocket launcher. However, the monster will lose balance, and its head will be at our feet. It’s time to get the already familiar “Killer-7” and, as they say, modify it with a file – one cartridge is enough.
3) In the village, after the siege of the house, there is a choice where to go at the fork. I highly recommend going to El Gigante (right). Remember how you felled exactly the same? Was it hard? Lots of bullets gone? Believe me, a little less, if not the same, will go to the Bella sisters (chainsaw maniac), whom you will meet on the left road. So they also kill with one blow. At the same time, you are thrown with axes, dynamite, tentacles creep up from everywhere, then there is still a crowd of granados, and besides, you are a fool-Ashley. And El Gigante is all alone, he is bored. Moreover, there are such seductive stones at the top, they just ask to fall on the fat man’s head.

Approximately in the middle of the castle you will meet with the “right hand” of Salazar. Before the battle, buy a bazooka from a merchant and go to a meeting with a mutant. Before the appearance of the creature there will be a video. Do not pay attention to his anxiety, you are only frightened. Run forward, simultaneously dodging the blows of this creature. Don’t shoot his limbs – a waste of bullets. There are also nitrogen cylinders everywhere. They will be useful to you. When the creature appears – stand next to the balloon, wait for the monster to come to you, and knock down the balloon. Then we take out the bazooka and shoot at the mutant. The creature has departed to another world.

At the very beginning of the game, you can get a bazooka. To do this, when the hero appears on the screen, you should not go into the house – you need to return to the car and shoot 3 times at the ropes on the bridge. It will fall, and a bazooka will be in place of the pillar.

In all three episodes, groups of crows will come to you periodically along the way, do not rush to scare them away, if you throw a grenade in the center where the crows sit, you can get a decent amount or precious stones.

At the beginning of the game, there are three hens living on the “Farm” map, and so these hens are an endless source of eggs, regular and gold (which can be sold to a merchant for 3k), by entering and exiting this area, the inventory is clogged with eggs to the eyeballs.
P.S. there is also a fish in the sewers and in the lake that can be shot (although, unlike eggs, fish takes up a lot of space).

To kill the bearded boss, after firing a grenade launcher, you need to climb the stairs upstairs from behind, go to the left corner, a little short of the wall. Turn around and wait with a machine gun until the monster hangs to your left on the railing. Shoot the tentacles. As soon as he falls, without ceasing aiming at the same place, reload the machine gun and wait again. The bullets fall into your hands and prevent him from getting close to you. Spend no more than 300 rounds, and health will not be affected at all.

If you are with an evil bearded uncle, then when you dismember him, shoot him (preferably from a TMP or a gun), when he jumps up to you, you just run away! And with such tactics, he won’t even be able to hurt you. And like the last thief, steal his eye!

At the beginning of the game, before you need to run away from the first boulder, there is a marker on the descent. Stop near him and aim at the enemies standing at the top of the bridge. Shoot them in the legs so that they fall. Then run away from the stone, go back and calmly take the things of those zombies.

How easy it is to kill a regenerator: we take a “Butterfly” or “Killer 7”, throw any grenade at it, except for a blind one, shoot in the stomach and in the hand – and it explodes.

1. To simply overwhelm the bearded guy, you need to stock up on a bazooka and 3 grenades in advance, as soon as you appear, step back, shoot a barrel from a pistol, take grenades. It will fall apart, finish off with a bazooka.
2. The simplest tactic of reprisal against the enemy with sewn eyes (the first in the prison of the castle), you can walk with your back forward and he will ignore you.
3. Ashley can hide in bins that look like trash cans. By default – F key.
4. In the game, you can connect some treasures.

After bringing Ashley to Leon (after the knights in the basement), return to the garden.
Look at the map: you can see a small room with red doors in the castle from the side?
Run there, Ashley will open the door for you. There you can find a “broken butterfly” and more
Something. Save money with which the cannon can be pumped. The secret is simple, but many people forget about it.

How easy it is to kill Krauser: run away, when he reaches you, he will stop to start the reception, at this moment you will run back a little to the side, and then while Krauser is desperately fighting the air, shoot him in the head.

How to save ammo at the beginning of the game? Easy. You don’t need to shoot at all. You just need to wait for the zombie to swing, then run up to him, hit him on the head with a knife, knock him down, and while he lies, finish him off. It’s good if you have 1 or 2 zombies in front of you. If more, then you have to shoot.

In stage 2-2, when Leon and Luis are shooting the zombies in the house, it is better to go straight to the second floor and patrol the stairs. Then zombies will approach you one by one. So it is much more convenient to shoot them than when they climb from all sides..
When Louis goes upstairs, the zombies will climb out of the windows already here. Drop stairs. Takes little time, and delays enemies.

Perhaps you did not know this: when you have few cartridges or just want to indulge, aim the zombak directly at the knee and when he falls on them, approach them and when the word SUPLEX appears below, press Enter (the enemy immediately dies).

1) Near the church, you will find a puzzle in which there is a gem, or rather a cat’s eye! Correct answer: 3,3,3,4,4,4,3.
2) In the church you will have to solve a simple puzzle. You need to rotate the three patterns so that they line up with the center pattern. Answers: red turn two times, blue one time, green three times. Combine patterns .

A good way to overturn multiple opponents at once:

1) If you have a shotgun, the issue is resolved with a couple of shots.

2) If you don’t have a shotgun, and you don’t really want to spend ammo, then shoot the enemy walking in front in the head. He will grab onto it and bend over. Run up and when the inscription “blow” appears, hit, sparing no effort. Flying away, the adversary will shoot down several more zombies. They, in turn, are a few more. Run up to them and stab them. Repeat the procedure until you kill the last one.

1) After the end of the game, start a new one, you will have all the old weapons and cartridges, and the merchant will have 3 new barrels and upgrades to them.
2) Listen carefully to what the monsters are muttering (I only heard those who at the beginning of the game with the pitchfork), it turns out that they are swearing, and in Russian.

By shooting in the head, you can summon the creature to the zombie, if he has one.

There is a moment in the game when you need to turn over the pictures to create 6 deaths. You see the numbers 1,2,3,4 … So there you just need to press them all in turn. Voila, the picture is taking shape.

When you are fighting a crawler, you don’t have to waste any ammo at all. I went through the norm with one first-aid kit! You can just kill him with a knife! Yes, just a knife !!! We prepared a knife to strike, and when it came close we hit it several times! On the tower, he suddenly becomes ill too.

At the moment when there is a choice to go to the el giant to the right or to the chainsaws to the left, go first to the el giant, and then go back to the chainsaws, where you hide ashley and restore cartridges and justice, you will earn a lot of money.
At the very beginning of the game, you will see a dog (or a wolf, it doesn’t matter), which has fallen into a trap. She needs to be saved, she will help you when a huge monster is set on you; do not kill him immediately with a bazooka, wait, run, and the wolf will come to your aid.

When fighting El Gigante, both in the first and in the second case, I advise you to do the following:
1) walk with your back, at the same time not forgetting to turn, or run into something, and he will overtake you, knock you, and it will not seem a little.
2) catching up with you, he will take two or three steps and stop for a few seconds. At this time, you need, aiming at the head, preferably from a shotgun or other weapon (more powerful), shoot 1-2 times and run further (of course, with your back forward)…
3) as soon as he sits down to “rest”, run up to him and jump on his back, while pressing “3”!
4) 3 sessions of shock therapy are enough for him to lose his life forever.

In the last battle with Sadler, he can be dealt double damage. To do this, you need to approach (when he lies with his mouth open) point-blank, get a knife, cut in the eye, and then quickly press “Climb”.

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