Resident Evil 5: Tip (get 3-1 emblems without co-op)

Bolts can drop 4 emblems. 2 of them, in theory, need to be obtained in a cooperative. But you can do without it. So:

1. When the level starts, sit in the boat. Swim to an open body of water and look around. You should notice a pillar in the water through which the rope runs. There are several such pillars in this location, but the required pillar is located next to the pier from which you just sailed. Examine the pillar and you’ll definitely find the first BSAA emblem on it.
Here, in theory, you need to swim up to the post and your partner will shoot at the emblem. BUT it is possible in another way! At the location there is a long boat standing alone on the water. Enter it, open the suitcase on the nose, inside the bazooka. Now head back to the starting island. And shoot down the emblem with RPG. Aim not at the emblem, but at the pillar, the radius of the rocket allows you to destroy it.

2. Having dealt with the first emblem, look at the map. Having orientated on it, swim to the central island in this location. There is a hut on the island. Swim the island so that you are close to the back of the hut. The second BSAA emblem hangs down the hut..
The same method works here. Enter the chapter again and take the RPG. We swim to the island with a gate that needs to be opened. From the bridge we aim at the area around the emblem and bang.

That’s all. The truth may not come out right away. The rocket will fly for a long time, and in the second case, VERY long. Use optics to see if the missile is hit or not. Good luck!
P.S. Where to find emblems from the forum.

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