Resident Evil 5: Tip (Multiply Ammo)

In general, there are a couple of conditions:
1.action must be after saving.
2.loading must be done from the same place.
3. there must be something of value nearby.

Chapter 3-1 or 2 (can’t remember exactly)
You drive up to the shore by boat, run … you see a stone and another one (in short, treasure). We take them.
Stone Price (Ruby): 1000
Beetle price: 1000

menu – exit – save – yes – yes – yes.
Now we continue the game…
The stones are in place again! We take away …. menu …. and again – yes – yes – yes.

AND the trick is that weapons, cartridges and treasures are saved and summed up in your inventory…. we repeat these actions until you have accumulated a whole “chest” or decent ammunition.

In the bowels … of the laboratory in about twenty minutes I already had 6,000 rounds for a machine gun, 2,000 for a pistol and 1,000 for a shotgun…

The dreary way … therefore the 3rd condition is the most important!!!

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