Resident Evil 6: Council / Hint (Emblem / Chris and Pierce Locations)

Chapter 1.1. Pevy house, second floor on the left

After several meetings with J’avo, will be in the building on the shelf behind the box

Chapter 1.3. At the top. Go up this ladder

will be on the right

Chapter 1.4. Building. 6th floor, butcher shop

Chapter 2.1. On the way to the bridge when you cover Finn. Run to the end

Chapter 2.2. On the bridge itself (play as Pierce!)

Chapter 2.4 In the corridor under the steps

And after the cutscene with a double of Ada (or Ada)

Chapter 3.1. Outside

Chapter 3.3. In the room at the mahjong table

Chapter 3.4. This can be seen from the restaurant, from above (after running away from the helicopter)

Chapter 3.5. During pokatushek, in the parking lot

Chapter 4.1. Helicopter

When you go outside, on the boat that shines for you

Chapter 4.4. At the end of the chapter. Under the stairs

Chapter 4.5. Play by Pierce.

the second is a little further, in the same chapter

Chapter 5.4. After running away from the monster, turn back.

Chapter 5.5. The emblem will be on the right side, it will become available after the destruction of the barriers (the last one)

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