Rezaznaya Trailer Sea Of Thieves Collapses Kraken On The Head Of Pirates-Od

After a long time after the first publications, pirated adventures Sea of thieves Finally came to the release. Studio RARE showed a launch trailer and told about some features that will appear together with the release of the game or a little later.

For example, in a series of quests from The Order of Souls, you will be found unprecedented opponents. Golden skeletons wear heavy armor and withstand a lot of damage. But if you want them (lure into the water or pour from the bucket), armor rusted and stop protecting so effectively. Skeletons-shadows draw their power out of darkness, but it is worth it to get under sunlight, how we are weakening. If a meeting with skeletons, the shadows takes place in very desperate conditions, will come down and the light from the lamp that your partner holds.

In addition, in the release version Sea of thieves Hidden books will appear. They are revealed all sorts of bikes and secrets that you can try to find. Curious awards with special quests and sailor songs.

Global goal Sea of thieves (at least on release) – achieve the title of legends. Once you get this status, you are opening a personal secret refuge and fourth character with quests. “End-game” are going to expand in the first content update – RARE Add manual animals and game position Captain.

Finally, B Sea of thieves “Live” campaigns will appear – tasks chains that act for a limited time. In these tasks, it will be possible to meet new characters and find out the details of the world of the game. One of the “live” campaigns will start shortly after the release.

Sea of thieves goes to free swimming on March 20 on windows 10 and xbox 1. Recall that the game is involved in the XBOX Game Pass program, so it is not necessary to purchase it for the full cost.

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