Riven / The Sequel to Myst: Tips and Tactics for the Game

Riven / The Sequel to Myst: Tips and Tactics for the Game

Solution of the problem “Press and colored stones”:

Before us is a field with cells, measuring 25 by 25, we will conventionally take the cell in the lower left corner as the origin with coordinates (1,1), the axes (X, Y) are located horizontally and vertically, respectively, then the coordinates of the lower right cell will be (25, 1), etc. On the right there are colored pebbles from top to bottom: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. The stones must be arranged in the following order – red (9.9), orange (6.4), green (16.25), blue (22.25), magenta (2.22).

Solution to the “Room with stones” problem:

In the middle of the room there are 25 stones in a circle depicting animals of the local fauna. To get access to the book in the world of Mieti you need to “sink” 5 stones in the correct sequence. You need to stand in the center of the circle, facing the exit (the entrance where you came from) and press: 6th stone on the left (fish), 1st stone on the left (something like a jellyfish, current with legs); turn right, 2nd stone on the left (frog), turn right (you will stand in front of the book), 7th stone on the left (pinnipeds, which on the beach, on a stone, warmed themselves when you walked around the island), 4th stone on the left (predatory fish, stone right in the middle of the monitor).

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