River City Girls: Video Game Overview

BEAT ‘EM UP genre, which has long been terribly popular on slot machines, worried about consoles and computers. In recent years, the most prominent games in the spirit Streets of Rage become Double Dragon: Neon Yes Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: The Game, But for a hundred years for a hundred years, the second in general is five years as impossible to buy anywhere. Gradually the genre like it seems to be resurrected – we will soon get Streets of Rage 4, which looks in the trailers is quite good, but for now they dress up in the costumes of schoolgirls and save the boyfriends in River City Girls.

Power of love

Save Cunio and Rica – characters from River City Ransom, Turning into Alex and Ryan in the English version of that game. IN River City Girls In the West, the names left the same as in Japan, because of which initially at the old part of the series (including a relatively recent Underground) may be confused. But everything is very simple: Kyoko and Misako – the girls of those permanent heroes who have become kidnapped by unknown people here.

Despite the simple violence, the story turned out to be fascinating thanks to excellent humor and gorgeous characters – even sellers in the stores with which you reck on a pair of phrases, can be charismatic and beautifully drawn characters. Girls constantly communicate with each other, remember boyfriends and some events from their lives, dialogues with secondary characters and bosses are full of good jokes. No bustting with sharpness and there is no frank vulgarity – the same golden middle, which the developers who love to hate is not always possible to find.

The same can be said about the gameplay, although with some reservations. River City Girls – not a classic Beat ‘Em Up with linear transitions from one screen to another, and such an adventure in the “open world”, with a card, forces in many “rooms”, the possibility of rapid movement from one zone to another and even tiny metriculus elements. Sometimes, if you get into a new location, you can not use some transitions or enter the door, but after performing the task or victory over someone these locks disappear. From the new skills or gadgets in the inventory it does not depend on – you only need to pass the plot.

However, this does not mean that the list of available techniques will not increase. If you start passing with a very meager set of abilities, consisting only of light and heavy blows, then later the possibilities are unlocked more and more. For the completion of quests and victory over each opponent, experience points are issued, and the selected heroine gets new levels. And with them not only improve its characteristics (including power, dexterity, luck, and so on), but also the combination of shocks become available – some are issued immediately, others need to be bought in a special dojo for the currency dropping away from the defeated enemies.River City Girls Game ReviewNot all people on the streets are ready to fight – many just stand “for beauty”.

Spoiled Makeup

IN River City Girls There are no estimates for the passage of levels and other elements that inspire the beautiful performance of each fight – when you go out to the street or attend some kind of building, seeing the left and right slowly going into your side of the enemies, the most common Beat ’em Up begins. Won everyone and you can move on. In some cases, you can not fight with anyone and just run until the next door, but if you are locked in the room (chains with lock appear on the edges of the screen), then you just need to defeat each enemy.

And fascinating these draars depends exclusively from you. If there is no desire to study the techniques, you can use conventional strikes, but then the battles are settled long before the ending. Therefore, it is better to visit Dodzo more often and buying techniques: here and all sorts of blows are legs, and the uppercots, and jumping “bombing”, and kicks. It all depends on you, but it was very interesting to use different combinations, depending on the situation and call on assistants for spectacular seeking. When one opponent remains on the screen, it begins to pray for you about mercy, and it can be recruited – when you click on L1, it will not appear for a while and will support or will accept a blow to itself.

The gameplay also affects accessories that are issued for tasks and are bought in stores. There are a lot of them – from a set for makeup and overhead eyelashes to jewelry and bras. True, the appearance of the heroine they do not change. But it can be useful thanks to bonuses: we apply a little more damage to a certain category of enemies with one, with others increase the strength of the weapon scattered at the levels, the third restore health or give a tiny chance to defeat the enemy with one blow. Improvements are often minor, but still sometimes not so easy to determine what to put in two available slots.

Thanks to all this magnificence in River City Girls Wants to spend as much time as possible, and its shortcomings seem insignificant on the background of many advantages. For the scene and side tasks, sometimes you have to return to the already studied zones and again fight the opponents, if you are driving with them in the same room. Although I would not call it a serious disadvantage – a couple of times it will resort the impression, but it will not be difficult to defeat them. With control there may be small problems: a shock button and a button for switching to adjacent location – this is the same “square” on the gamepad, and during the battle sometimes involuntarily leave the location, trying to beat the hooligan. But because of this, it would be foolish.River City Girls Game ReviewThe best place to beat someone fish.

Beauty in everything

It does not give away from the game not only excellent gameplay, which combines everything that you want to see in modern Beat ‘Em Up, but also a gorgeous design – both visual and musical. Meetings with “bosses” are accompanied by excellent anime rollers (the introductory is especially beautiful), the locations are in detail, all kinds of animations – countless, even the interface want to praise. Other from the studio WayForward and did not wait – even on screenshots from her games to watch nice. And you will certainly go to the music separately: here and eight-bit tracks, and perfectly sounding “pop” with wonderful vocals and memorable melodies that make you remember The World Ends Wort You.

Bars with bosses are also wonderful – there are six pieces here (although, judging by the trophies, somewhere else is 1), and everything turned out excellent. Fights with them are divided into phases: they took one third of the health – you can prepare for new frills, such as high speed or the appearance of more powerful abilities. Some of them are weaker, some stronger, but there is not a single boring fight, and these moments become one of the best episodes of the game.

Probably the main omission was the absence of an online cooperative, which still remains rare in such games. When passing alone, there will be no special problems, and if you constantly buy in the stores “first-aid kits” (here these are all sorts of burgers, berries and buns with milk), then it will be difficult to die at all on bosses. However, in tandem with a comrade, the passage, of course, will be more fun – it will be possible to combine attacks and constantly help each other. So it remains to rely on Share Play on PlayStation 4, and on the other platforms to look for someone who is ready to play in front of one screen.

After a funny ending, a choice is offered: either launch a “new game +” with an increased level of difficulty, or continue the journey through the city of River to stripping everything that remains intact. This is the fulfillment of side tasks, and the purchase of all items (there are many of them, and in stores before purchasing do not write, what they have effects), and the recruitment of each opponent – their 12 types, each have several colors: Six kinds of Yakuza,not to mention ordinary schoolchildren.

Cut the enemy with a spectacular dashing.
Return to Mir River City Girls Once again I want to immediately – either to study unexplored, or to repeat the race. Finally, after so many years, we got a Beat ‘Em Up, in which almost everything was done at a high level – from graphics and music to a variety of opportunities in the game process. Those who are looking for cheerful cooperative entertainment, missing the game is not recommended for sure, and indeed for fans of high-quality indie, this is a wonderful gift. Another online added here – and there was no price to the game.

Pros: Magnificent visual design, combining several styles;good humor;a large amount of receptions and opportunities making fights less monotonous;Fucking locations with collectible objects and side tasks, thanks to which the passage can be stretched;Beautiful soundtrack.

Minuses: Sometimes you have to return to old locations and again fight with someone;lack of online cooperative.

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