Robbery, Seamless World And Important Solutions – New Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

In the first gameplay video about Red Dead Redemption 2 company Rockstar Games promised to release a roller dedicated to the entertainment that the world of Western can offer. Today, developers finally presented a fresh trailer.

The authors again emphasize that the world RDR2 – Seamless: It organically combines the plot, action and decision making. Traveling, Arthur Morgan Protagonist will definitely find a lot of interesting things – we will be allowed to swim by boat, ride Dresin, cut into gambling, watch dancer speeches and not only.

Since the main character is a gangster, many entertainment are associated with the assignment of someone else’s property: you can rob the train, shop, diligence, random passerby or make a good 1. Apparently, especially large cases are robbery in style Grand Theft Auto V.

In cities and beyond their limits, Arthur may run into hostile gang members. In addition, civilization comes to the expanses of the Wild West, and therefore crimes are investigating the ministers of the law. For the head of the hero can be appointed a reward, and then he will be hunted to hunt those who are not averse to. Developers make it clear that the dangers lie to the Morgan everywhere – he must be ready for any redirection.

One of the integral elements of the militant Creators consider your solutions – from small, like a choice of food, clothing or hairstyles, to more significant. People will respond to Arthur actions and remember them.

Also Rockstar Touching other parts of the game, in particular the updated Dead Eye regime, improved cinematic chamber and first-person species. Read about it and many more in more detail here.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will appear on PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE October 26. Beta testing network Red Dead Online Appointed in November.

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