Rome: Total War: Tips And Tactics

For those who are tired of observing how his soldiers (not archers and others), when receiving an order, atacopat, any formation is losing a strip of Tolpäntz where the thread is in one place and not everyone is fighting, but only a part of the division that in itself is bad, especially ifIn Little, only infantry in the siquests, and to make the Greek phalanx will have to do so that you do not bother your shooters, principles, etc. spears nada do the following:
To give the order to attack the phalang (you can not even from the flank, but “in the forehead”), and after they twisted 3-4 people of the enemy in this place (your will die more), we must give the order to the division to build behind the opponent’s back to him. This will lead to the fact that all your units will be climbing in the resulting breach and will mow a phalange from the flanks (from within the corridor expanding it) almost impunity, because the spear is long and wave a MM in the direction of nobody. When approximately half of the division of the Spruezetz in the rear, command again attack the enemy, which is almost surrounded, and even smashes on 2 handhes!!!
As a result of the described actions, the enemy group at reaching 60-50% of the composition from the initial has a chance of 70% to experience self-control and use 101 karate reception, tobish make legs.
Approximate losses are: your 10-12%, the enemy is 60-100% and these are ordinary arrows against the phalanx without prior shooting.
If you have archers, cavalry, ram, T-80 or even T-90, then everything ends faster and less loss.

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