Rome: Total War: Tips And Tactics

New Tips (continued).

13. Somehow on the bridge I was attacked by arrows and speakers with long spears. They were fired by archers by burning arrows. My gastats beat, but as long as they stood, most enemies fled, frightened the fiery rain. Two squads left, but they slowly move. I was distracted by a semi-dressed squad, they crawled like a turtle behind him, and at this time the archers calmly shot speakers, the last remaining of them were frightened and ran. They beat near the river and dived straight into it (such as it is better to get drowned than to burn).

fourteen. Somehow I took the Macedonian capital Bilazor, more than 2500 Macedons and about 250 Julians died. Incredibly, against a variety of tweekers, but you can. When you start the storming of the city (not as a result of the excavations of the precipitated), it is enough to make two bars in the walls, near the walls to put orders or archers, let them stand in place and shoot at the discretion of ordinary arrows (they scare less, and beat the enemy more). The enemy constantly runs down to the holes in his gates, but does not go out, and the arrows calmly kost. It is long, even if you make the maximum acceleration of time, but the streets will be devastated by the dead enemies. Then go to the city, there will be a small part of the enemy troops – your city.

15. After the army reform (as built the first imperial palace for the Great City, a new man will appear by the name Guy Mari, who will hold this reform) can not build barracks, since the strongest infantry (cogat of Pretorians) will be reclined in the Imperial Palace. In urban barracks, you can recruit even stronger urban cohort, but this is if money is enough for such a luxury. You can not build the shooting groups in which the onagra is recruited, since with them the troops go longer, and cities can be captured using stairs and subcords that are very cheap. The hippodrome is needed only to provide order in the city in turbulent times, and cavalry is almost not needed. Crop rotation and irrigation are also not needed that the population does not increase much, and in the Great City it may even decrease, and then overpopulation threatens with rebellion and plague.

16. Be sure to capture the sarda, a miracle of the light of this city (Artemida Effemic Temple) reduces the costs of building temples in all cities to 30% and improves public order also in all cities, and thus it will be possible to increase taxes or make less frequently.

17. Rules with discounts. The ruler of the capital (arrey) had a returne and characteristics that allow much cheaper to build buildings and on the floor price to recruit troops. If I needed two cogators of Praetorians, then I put one in line in arresions, I translate the ruler to the neighboring city (Armin), where already with 50% of the Verbid second cohort and return it back to arrections. So, two cohorts were recruited at a price of one and twice as fast. Also with buildings. Change the rulers on more profitable, place the construction queue and you can return the rulers back. The cost of those standing in the queue of detachments and buildings does not change. If the recruitment has become cheaper, then output the detachments out of the queue and put it again in the queue.

eighteen. The more detachments in the city, the higher there. At the same time there is no difference, what kind of squads – urban guard or cohort, but the difference in money is essential. The recruitment and content of the guards are cheaper.

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