Rome: Total War: Tips And Tactics

The game played a few years ago – the second Medieval had long ago, hitting once graphics now seems simple, system requirements requiring a powerful modern car, only lung smile. And yet, Rome was and remains “the very” game. In principle, I wanted to tell me a funny case. But since I am writing this in the heading “Tips and Tactics” – let him be advice.

So, more often use diplomats, do not underestimate their capabilities. Well, now a small example of using their capabilities. I played for Scmpions – the war with the Carthage was not important, there was sluggishly disassembled on Sicily, I needed to go to Egypt and began to hide well at approaches to Alexandria and Jerusalem – annual chariots attacks, periodic attempts to carry reinforcements from Cretan archers, whichPeriodically, the precipitating walls of the cities of chariot…

With the money, everything was also not glory to God, there were practically all income on the mercenaries, I could not refuse them from them – I would immediately lose with such a work conquered. Until those described in one of the early posts of chips with the “donation” of settlements, which later began to bring me millions, I was not yet thought of. In order to somehow bring the ends with the ends, I sent to the expanses of the present Siberia of the diplomat, which exploited the territory, and simultaneously sold. Secret (map information). The diplomat was an experienced, in the column “rank” about 10 laurel wreaths. He had a Roman name, but only a rare dweller of the promised land could compare.

Benefit, he brought a considerable and could make up to 10,000 gold per successful deal. However, for the same long-term trading with representatives of the indigenous nationalities of the North-Eastern European countries was repeatedly bit. Time went, and when in the north and east of buyers of the secrets of the land of Roman did not remain, the uncle moved towards Germany and Gaul. I seriously fucked by Egypt, without distracted by other nations. Galla beat Germans, Yulia Bili Galov. About 20 years passed – an aging diplomat managed to sell the homeland and the other, and the third. I almost forgot about him, by inertia leading to the southwest. Diplomats of other countries have rarely come across, and suddenly, right in front of my “uncle” there was a young representative of the diplomatic corps of ineplex Spain. I attach that my handsome has already been 64 years old, and most likely, somewhere in these steppes it will soon have to stretch Kaligi, I decided to smoke the youth, because with the Middle East, everything seemed to be in order, but in EuropeI was practically not. No sooner said than d1. A young barbarian, chosen by five thousand silver, immediately began to execute new duties.

And in the next go, my “uncle” really died. As a result, the young traitor unfolded 180 degrees and moved to the historical homeland. Meanwhile, the situation with money became a little better. About 5 moves Spanish-Roman, Scrolling low price and local roads, Dopere to the surroundings of the glorious city of Cartagena. Even through the move from the walls of the settlement, a member of the dynasty ruling in these places. To buy information on the map, as well as conclude a trade agreement, for some reason I refused.

With that, even for free. I do not know, there was a cause of barbaric uneducation, or what else. But the proposal to move to the side of the glorious house of Sduciful fighter-well done, to my surprise, took. He walked around the state. the treasury somewhere in 8 thousand full-fledged dennaunations. The following moves were acquired by 3 detachments of barbaric spears, one – Balearic Slingers, 4 – Spanish infantry. Not thick, but considering that only 3 detachments were sitting in the near town – quite edible. All this army and went to the storm in the settlement. But the beginning of the battle forced me to laugh. Evaluate the drama of the situation: a former member of the ruling family of Spain, bought by the scound of a diplomat-rationer treacherously attack his native village. Having built over a thousand mercenaries in front of you (or what they have had a country about which no one has heard here, he gives this gandery of Marauders who are interested only in the ringing of gold and thirst to get involved in ruffled houses of peaceful residents: – “YouKnow Me, I Am A True Roman Of An Old Style!”… And then on the list. I was shocked.

P.FROM. The city we are understandable, took. From this and the capture of distant Spain began.

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