Run Kickstarter For Mighty No. I

Creator Mega Man, as well as producer Onimusha And Dead Rising Caidzi Inafun (Keiji InaFune) in 2010 left the walls of the rim Capcom, in which worked not one dozen years. Now he holds the position of president and director general of his own company COMCEPT. Apparently, like many other middle-aged developers, Caidzi is tired of blockbusters and decided to do something small, but Mile. The other day, together with his faithful team, he moored on Kickstarter to collect funds on MIGHTY NO. I – Real Japanese Saydskroller Era 8- and 16-bit consoles.

Scene tie is such: the mysterious computer virus broke out to freedom;were infected with mechanical creation worldwide, because of which they became embittered and hostile. Players assigned the role of a powerful robot of the ninth model named Beck. He will have to stop the uprising of the begging “Joke”. The hero will have to run a lot, jump, shoot and transform – and so to the victorious. The initial budget implies the presence of six levels, but if users are eliminated as follows, they will become more.

And they will decease – not even doubt! With a starting mark of 900 thousand dollars in the first 24 hours from the moment of the start of the crowdfunding campaign, the project managed to collect 620 thousand bucks. At the time of writing this notes, the amount of donations passed for 840 thousand. And this is despite the fact that until the end of the event remains 29 days!

Bye MIGHTY NO. I Developed only for computers. The game will spread through Steam and other digital distribution services. No DRM protection, universal flavored, is not foreseen. Other platforms (home consoles, Mac and Linux) are also important for the team, and it does not ignore them if you collect a lot of money. Approximate date of exit MIGHTY NO. nine – Spring 2015.

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