Rust: Tip (Torch bug)

In update 43, they made it so that after changing the torch to another item, the character extinguishes the torch automatically, which is why this bug arose.
What you need: torch.
What to do:
1. 1st person view.
2. Take a torch and light it.
3. We take in our hands any other object (or simply remove the torch by pressing the button with the number of the slot in which it is installed)
4. We get the torch back.
5. We are waiting for the animation to play, in which the character extinguishes the torch.
6. Switch to 3rd person view.
7. Literally a couple of seconds and the area around you will be illuminated by the light of a torch (the sound of burning should not be heard!)
8. If it doesn’t work, try again..
9. All!
The torch shines only for us! Other players do not see this light! Use =)
(100% works after update 43.44!)

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