Sacred: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

You go to the city of Porto Valum (there are 2 more statues), go through the whole city and go all the way into the rocks, then walk along the rocks to the forest, there will be a passage (into the forest), walk along it (it will take a long time to walk), walk as much until the dead end there you will find a GOLDEN DRAGON, he guards a bunch of gold and a bunch of different things, kill him and you can collect all this. Buy bottles of healing before you go.

If you wander along the seashore in the sands, towards the dark castle, then very soon we will find ourselves on a small pier, where there is a boat on which we will get to the island of drunken orcs. After we tease and anger them by running through their things, then we bring them down! (Although for some reason they killed themselves by hitting each other). And then, a grateful orc, at the pier, gives us the Neo Glasses from the Matrix. Maybe he will give something else to others! Didn’t try anymore!

The game has such an interesting bug with runes of magic: it doesn’t matter how many runes you have in your inventory, at least one at least 4.
You need to go to the combinator and make a quick save [F9]. Then click on the combinator and in the rune exchange screen, transfer the runes to it [transfer, but do not change them immediately to some other rune] and press the fastboot button [F8 or F7, I don’t remember exactly], after loading you will have runes and in the inventory and + those few pieces that you transferred to the combinator, so you multiply the runes of magic by 2 times and you can do this indefinitely until you get bored.

Start a new game, choose one of the heroes and click on improvisation.
Your choice of seven heroes pumped to level 37.

In Porto Valum, you can take on the task: “bring a lock of hair, it seems, to a lonely soldier from his beloved.” After completing this task, you can click on it until the hand is swollen and feed on experience.

Go to a new game with any hero and take the rune from the chest and then import the hero, go to the new game and select the imported hero and again take the rune from the chest, do as much as you like (until you get bored).

In the city of Faeries Crossing, before reaching the bridge, turn left, after reaching the clearing, turn to the lower left corner and walk along the narrow, barely visible path. Go to the cave at the end of your path and you will see a mini-game, the same PeckMen. Collect bubbles, run from the blue muzzles (they do 600 damage and even give birth to poison.), However, you will not get anything for this. A trifle, but nice.

Walk to the right along the coast of the desert. Having reached the mountains (by the way, they start where you need to go to get Neo’s points.), Follow the right, without leaving them, very soon you will come across a burnt-down building, where a couple of evil priests offend the seraphim and we, as heroes, must To save her, unfortunately we cannot do this and the seraphim, folding his wings, falls to the ground. After talking with him, he evaporates and remains from him, never

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