Sacred: Tips And Tactics

A small but useful advice for those who play for the forest elf (with proper use it is very powerful):
After reaching the 40 level, a bright problem arises – it is hard to swing, the solution is extremely simple:
take and pump a cross-blow (many confused with a multi-shot, but it’s not that!) so that its recharge does not exceed 5 seconds, and go to maralzate to the desert (east of the chorated Nura at the top of the wall itself there is a narrow passage in the “Ring”, enter this ring and there can be perfectly maralzing on the flocks of mums and magicians, except of that many frequent spiders, for whom it also gives out an exposure, in this desert, quietly pump up to the 55th, and then searching in the northeast of the “rings” entrance to the desert with enhanced monsters (instead of the usual orange (on 2 lvl above your Persian ) there I will be red and very red (on 4-5 lvlo above your), for them I will also give a stubble exposure), be sure to use a multi blow.
My Lieuten 65 Lvla with onions (Damag 1200) demolides any dragon with 3-4 blows every multi-hitting 15,000 damage.

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