Sacred: Tips And Tactics

In general, the secret is not a secret in fact, but a stuffing thing, in the gorge Vivenn there is a terrain covered with lights and a hall. So:
1. Elegant place to pack level if you already say so somewhere 21-23 levels
2. There is an underground city in which you can sell magic to change (well, as always), but the blacksmith is a chip, he gives you a quest to find a dragon and bring it the scaly and when you bring her down it makes it like a feature that you can insert in the clothes, this is a scalygives your child about up to 60 damage to fire, + (I don’t remember that it is precisely or defeat) 40 magic
3. When you break through this city through (Tobish to another exit) Tom there is not long at the top and there is one more dungeon where you lie to the damned treasures, and of course there is a dragon, I will not argue what he is Livhel, but without everyone went for him26 levels of 33600 experience when it beset nun to have in stock 2 or 3 hallow bottles (if you play the gladiator) when you soak it then go back to the surface and there will be a portal

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