Sacred: Tips And Tactics

Tired of wetting ordinary monsters? Then forward to search for dragons! On the game of them just eight, and one with quests. I still frustrated only 5.
1 Going to “Claven Claws” go to the stable, there is a wicket, behind it, and the wing of the cave. So you go to that very caverna, wet there all, and go to the island through the portal. There will be a greasy red dragon, and all sorts of soldiers and wolves will be fussing around him.
2 Stop in Zhurag – Nar. From there to put on the floor with trolleys, and from there on the floor where it is full of monsters. Dragon will be somewhere northeast. It is difficult to notice, but you really try.
3 of this dragon can not notice only if you pass the game blindfolded.It is located in the Ice – Creek gorge, not far from one of the elements of the elements of Ankaria.
4 for the sake of this dragon you will have to fry under the desertt. In short, spank in the Horad – Nur. There, the Orc take the quest for the murder of the horde of undead and forth to the south. There will be a half-hearted bony dragon and a small app (huge huge).
5 of this dinosaur I found in the woods myself did not understand how. Dark elves hang around it.

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