Sacred: Tips And Tactics

Most of all I was surprised that in the game of heroes 7, and only 5 are described in the manual. Where are two more?. Well, okay, you will have to become co-author.

So one of the missed heroes is a gnome. Single tank in miniature. First owns the “physique” and “possession of weapons”. Then it would be nice to learn “possession of an ax”, because it is a gnome without an ax? You can still learn “parry” Dwarf health at least a lot, but he keeps his blow well, and with “parry” he will be like a small armor. The rest of the skills can be chosen at their discretion, although it would be nice to pay the attention of “concentrations”, “wisdom of dwarves” or “weapon technologies” because they are very slowly restored. But the interesting skill that others cannot meet. Called “forging”. When owing this skill of the gnome can improve Har-ki objects and handle amulets and others. in “leaky” armor and weapons. True there are limitations on the level of the subject, but the higher the skill, the higher the level. Another feature of this skill – you can increase the ability to find special items, and such a blacksmith will not. What concerns
Special abilities, well shifted themselves “Combat Rage” and “Gnome Steel”. You can use and “grenade”, but it will have to sweat much so that it is a sense, and the recovery time is heavily growing. The same can be said about “flamethrower”. Estra one interesting ability – “greed”. Of course, the protection drops greatly, but you can do well. I have collected half a favor.

The second hero is Demonian. Initially familiar with “magical knowledge” and “possession of weapons”. Then you can learn “two weapons” and “the forces of the underworld”. You can also learn the “possession of the sword”, “Mobility”, “Paring”, “Build”, but it is already
who like it. Of the abilities, it is better to pump all forms of manifestation: “Demon Battle”, “Fire”, “Energy” and
“Poisonous Demon”. Why it is needed? I explain: in each locality, the overwhelming majority of hosts are strong for the maximum in three parameters. And less, then then choose the shape of the demon, against the first protection of enemies is the smallest, or none (anti-flames – a fiery demon, against fire – energy andT.D.). You can and “Flying Demon”: Conveniently through the rivers flying. Magic abilities are not too strong.

I still do not agree that Serafim has no better spells than “irritation”. Of course, against one strong monster, or
dragon it can and efficiently but in a crowd – sorry.
In my opinion, a good thing is “spinning light blades”. If we pump the level of ability to about its level (+ \ – 3-4ur.) It turns out a sorty walking meat grinder “A LA Seraphim” capable
Crown anyone (almost) enemy in a salad for a couple of seconds. I don’t even need a sword.

The same with a dark elf. Why suffer with the “confusion” and wait until the enemies will turn themselves, especially since they have a very weak attack, and you cannot beat them at that time (the crowd of goblins needed 2min. To kill 1). Why wait in the bushes, when the best way to protect is an attack. Can be a bit (level up to 6-9) pumping “rolling charge” so that the crowds of the hosts 12-15our. Frames from one grenade (this is true a little difficult to aim, but you get used to), the same for the highest levels – “Wearing charge” 31. Against enemies 60-70, and restored no longer than 3-5 seconds with reasonable pumping (personally I personally – 0.8sek)

I do not understand why the author of the “manual” insists on the need for “disarmament”. Really it is so important to collect all the garbage that falls out of the unfortunate? Anyway, they do not have anything good, and the money to 5-7 ur. It becomes abound.

Well, it seems to be all that I wanted to add.

P.S. There may be inconsistencies when translating abilities, but I think you will figure it out.

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