Sacred Underworld: Tips And Tactics

I will start right away from my loved one – fashion. Simple advice, but at the same time needed: buy several sets of shmote at once, as it will increase your resistance depending on the enemy. And the geek must be assembled necessarily with mods, with the exception of rare cases when the clothes gives more than the modified. Do not forget that in this toy full quests, when passing, you will give anything important!!!So I assembled on artifacts and mods a little less than 500 attacks and 300 protection!By the way, you love ghosts?I really love! It is for them that, in an hour from the first ledel, I died to the twentieth! And this is done like this: eat the north of Porto Draco, find there a hut with “jubuses” in the basement, wet them, go out of the basement. Then go and discover a new group of the gays that want to crash you! Check how much you need. Remember, in this place of ghosts are always higher, or what left. It’s nice to drive =) .

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