Scene Tiny Tina’S Wonderlands Trailer And Details About The Main Characters Of The Game

2K Games And Gearbox Entertainment Called by The Game Awards 2021. They showed a new trailer Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Which sheds light on the plot and introduces players with key characters history.

Tina’s baby acts as a Game Masters – It is her face to rise above the characters and takes a giant chipsene from the game world, accidentally produced on the field.

Spectators presented four heroes:

  • The Dragon Lord) is a powerful necromancer, the most dangerous of the creatures of Tina’s crumb. For centuries, he tried to win the land of WonderLands and erase heroism from the face of the earth. The usual villain in his place would have surrendered long ago, but the Lord of the Dragons is a tricky plan, how to get rid of his opponents once and for all.
  • Valentine (Valentine) – he describes himself as a removed outcast with a tendency to hazards and heroism, and others see no one who does not need an uncompreheant cosmic pirate. He likes to play the board, and he craves to try on the role of a gallant savior. Quinted enough, but accepting decisions does not think about the consequences.
  • Frette – a few decades was a simple bot accountant, until it broke out of the company thanks to Valentine. Together they went beyond the limits of the planet – then performs the functions of the navigator.
  • Trading (Torgue) – the founder of the company for the manufacture of pistols on a fuel in fuel, but left all his wealth to become a stray musician. Barga is Bard only half – he lacks talent and knowledge. He is casting spells with the help of magic lute, but due to the lack of control it is difficult to guess which magic trick will turn out from him next time.

Mixture of the “Dungeons and Dragons” stands with Borderlands will be released on March 25, 2022 on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation and Xbox.

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