Sea Battles Complicate Gameplay Assassin’S Creed 4

It so happened that the main characters of the pseudoistoric series Assassin’s Creed There were always powerful assassin warriors. Being skilled Middle Masters, they alone could withstand a small army. This outstanding feature led to the fact that battles with the guards, the Templars and other Hopniki had time to bounce long before the final titles. Fortunately, Assassin from Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Captain Edward Kenuway, part-time is also a pirate, and therefore will be a member of many fierce marine battles.

From now on gameplay games will occur as it were in two non-intersecting planes – on land and on water (in the third part, sea episodes were still very conditional). In the first case, we have to do the usual actions: to explore the islands in search of treasures, climb on various hills to look around and navigate the terrain, join the fights with enemies and, of course, parking. As the authors assure, here the player will still be no equal. However, being on the sea, it is better for him to forget the whole of his past experience and act with caution: at the beginning of his wanders, having rummaged to a powerful enemy combat vessel, you along with all the crew almost guaranteed to go on fish fisheries.

Thus, before you go to the unknown gave, you need to take care that your ships are “daws”, there were a random armor and guns. Of course, in itself this good you will not appear – upgrades will require considerable money and resources. Here you have one of the good reasons for the study of the open world and the search for all sorts of treasures and secrets. However, the developers immediately assured that all these classes will be fascinating and will not turn into the exhaust routine and raccot genocide.

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